Omega Speedmaster 35th Edition Apollo/Soyuz Problems

Thread: Omega Speedmaster 35th Edition Apollo/Soyuz Problems

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    Omega Speedmaster 35th Edition Apollo/Soyuz Problems

    Hello All,

    Possibly posted in the wrong thread earleier for enquiries, Ooops

    I am new to this forum, some advice guidance please.

    On Feb 14th of this year I purchased watch no. 41 out of 1975, the limited edition. On returning home I removed the watch from the box, was reading the instructions with the watch in my hand to set the time and the Tachymeter bezel just came right off in my finger tips!

    Next day I returned it to the shop in Oman, I was told it will be sent for repair Well I was not happy after paying the premium and having to wait for a brand new watch to be repaired.

    I waited two weeks of smiles and it's being dealt with from the shop staff. I then demanded to speak to the customer services manager in Dubai. He said give him an hour and he'd call me back. To cut a long story short I now have watch 1342 out of 1975. I'm extremley happy with it, but it's a month after I paid for the original product....feel quite cheated

    Rivoli the agent have been good - after kicking them for service. My questions:

    1. Does this happen often with Omega watches? I had a seamaster automatc winding watch for 11 years no problems?
    2. Is there a way of getting hold of Omega direct to complain? I did the web search, official site, and automated email number to call.
    3. How does this work now, Omega produced 1975 of these beautiful watches, one has gone back with a big defect, should not happen right? Has anyone recived an official Omega reply for a similar situation?

    Any advice or guidance appreciated.

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    Re: Omega Speedmaster 35th Edition Apollo/Soyuz Problems

    Any manufacturing process has a defect rate. Cars, watches, computers, tables, anything; you just go unlucky.
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    How did it get so late so soon?

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    Re: Omega Speedmaster 35th Edition Apollo/Soyuz Problems

    Hello! Sorry to hear of any difficulty.

    I also have a 'Speediorite' and it has been accurate and no problems since last June when I purchased.

    I was in my AD today while a friend picked up his own Speedmaster Pro before the local price increase came into effect and the AD Owner took the time to say 'You know how rare and beautiful your meteorite Speedmaster is, don't you?" I do.

    Just enjoy it's uniqueness, history, and beauty. Peace, and welcome to a rare group of owners!

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    Re: Omega Speedmaster 35th Edition Apollo/Soyuz Problems

    Thanks for the replies guys, appreciated.

    @Raza, yeah I suppose it is inevitable in the manufacturing process there are defects, I've just been unlucky as you say. I'm happy with the watch I have as a replacement. I'd just like a response from Omega as to why? Maybe because I am where I am in the world that process takes longer.

    @kansha yes appreciated, rare, beautiful and unique,...maybe a little more so now as there are only 1974 out there after my first one got sent back....

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