Opinions on this beater watch?

Thread: Opinions on this beater watch?

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    Opinions on this beater watch?

    I posted this in Hamilton forum three days ago but haven't got any responses so far.

    Specifically, Hamilton Women's Khaki Action Chrono Watch (H63312133). I'm looking for a beater watch and I saw this model in a store recently. I like the style and the fact that it's not oversized. I'm wondering about the band though. It says that is stainless steel and rubber. However, when I tried the watch on, it was hardened rubber(which is fine) and seemed like it was plastic. How scratch resistant is this type of rubber?

    Hamilton H63312133 Watch | Ashford.com

    Also, what do you think of the design?

    Thank you in advance.

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    It's not my style, but get what makes you happy. From my experience, silicon is what scratches easily...hard rubber is a bit better- I would think the texture would help hide any type of scratch.

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    Re: Opinions on this beater watch?

    I agree - I think that textured rubber will wear quite well. The bracelet might have felt light because the stainless links are probably hollow. Many manufacturers do this on ladies watches to reduce overall weight.
    As far as the watch goes, Hamilton is a very old and respected brand. I believe it will give you many years of exceptional use.

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    Re: Opinions on this beater watch?

    Hi Greta — I imagine the rubber—even if it's hardened—would be pretty resistant to scratching. I like the red second hand and red square around the date window, but as far as the overall design I find it a little too conservative for my taste. What do you think of it? Afterall, when it comes to your watch, your opinion is the only one that matters.

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