Orbita Monaco 6 Queston? Damaged, NEED HELP!

Thread: Orbita Monaco 6 Queston? Damaged, NEED HELP!

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    Orbita Monaco 6 Queston? Damaged, NEED HELP!

    Hey Everyone,

    I just bought an Orbita Monaco 6 winder off the Bay and guess what, it got damaged in shipping. There is a chunk of burl cracked off the bottom corner and the bottom shelf is cracked up and damaged most likely from being slammed on the ground. Upon testing the 6 winders, I also found that 1 of them didn't work. It flashes a red light light then just seems to "humm" and doesn't rotate. I had insurance on this winder so I'm not too worried about that issue, but would like to know if there is any way to touch up the burl, the black lacquer, and most of all how to fix the rotator. I cannot ship back to the seller so I am stuck with this damaged winder and want to make it as perfect as possible. Please point me in the right direction!

    Daniel Jordan
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    Re: Orbita Monaco 6 Queston? Damaged, NEED HELP!

    Contact Orbita before anything else! They have super customer service, even though you're not the original owner.

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