Ordering from Rakuten to the UK

Thread: Ordering from Rakuten to the UK

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    Ordering from Rakuten to the UK


    Does anyone here from the UK have any recent experience buying from Rakuten?
    Particularly interested to know about postal and import charges experiences.


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    Re: Ordering from Rakuten to the UK

    Hi all,

    I've searched this forum a lot (looong time lurker, first post) and there seems to be a lot of different views on what import duty you are likely to pay when getting watches shipped from Japan.
    From a former post here on WUS ( call HMRC Helpline though and you are exactly in the know):

    I've just come off the phone, speaking to Penny from the HMRC VAT & Duty Helpline (0300 200 3700) and the facts (per 14/06/2013) are as follows:
    - You pay a FIXED import duty of 0.8 (yes, that is Euros, not Sterling, since UK use the common EU tariff scheme) per watch. When import duties are less than 9, HMRC do not bother collecting them. This means, in other words, that for personal purchases (i.e. one watch at a time), there is NO import duty collected.
    - You additionally pay 20% VAT on the purchase price+shipping+insurance (i.e. total amount of money you've spent).

    So, let's say I buy one 180,000 yen (~1200) watch from Japan. On top of that, I pay a 40 pound shipping fee and a 30 insurance fee. In total, I've spent 1270.

    On top of the 1270, I have to pay 20% VAT, so when your watch lands in the UK, you will be asked for 254 to pay VAT.

    The carrier that ships your watch from Japan to the UK may additionally charge you a handling fee (anywhere from 0 to 30, it seems from reading posts on this forum) for paying these charges for you on UK arrival.

    Hope that helps.
    Kind regards

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    Re: Ordering from Rakuten to the UK

    Thanks Mike. I've seen a Seiko SRP563 which I think could look great with a 656 style dial from yobokies. Maybe as its only around 100 HMRC won't bother.

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    Re: Ordering from Rakuten to the UK

    Yes my experience was as Mike says ie 20% VAT on total cost. I have bought from two dealers in Japan and both charged me in US$ not Yen so the conversion to the is a bit complicated.
    Both very smooth, in UK customs <24 hrs. after dispatch on each occasion.
    P.S. Chino watch is no longer permitted by Seiko to export JDM models to the EU
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    Re: Ordering from Rakuten to the UK

    I imported a MM300 from Japan just before Christmas via EMS. It came to Coventry by Japan Post then Parcelfarce took over. Before they would release it I had to pay 20% VAT (levied by customs on the declared value) and a 25 handling charge

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    Re: Ordering from Rakuten to the UK

    This is a shame. looking at the loveliness on offer at Seiko3s on RakutenGlobal - like 007 for 70, and some unusual colours on the Seiko 5s ( seiko specialty store 3s | Rakuten Global Market: Seiko 5 men&#39;s automatic self-winding watch Navy dial-ゴールドコンビ stainless steel belt SNKL79K1 ) that you cant get in the UK. But with HMRC wanting 20% and parcelforce 25 it starts to get pointles. I'm thinking of ordering anyway as some people have reported no charge from parcelforce, just the 8 postage from japan. It may be worth the gamble.

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