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    Orient Explorer Pics

    Hello all,
    Long time forum reader first time registered user, mainly b/c I'm so utterly impressed by this new piece that I contemplated wanting to share somewhere and this is the place that has served me best so I thought I'd contribute here in return.
    Here's the(brief) story: I'd say I'm a medium strength WIS, not too extreme, yet not a exactly a novice either.
    I own about seven watches at this point, among them a Rolex Datejust (my second one having traded my first), and have owned 3 Omega Seamster Professionals , and also have a Tudor Black Bay (red with leather).
    I bought this Orient watch last week during Amazon's Prime Day for something like US$500 after discount. It has a simple GMT complication as well as date AND a slide rule. Sapphire crystal and display back.
    Was worried it'd be too big at 44.5mm which would make it the largest watch I've ever owned (both the BB and the Omegas are 41mm).
    Here's my point and why I felt compelled to share: in the past approx 7 days this little beast has been running +/- 0!
    I've never had this experience before with any of my watches including ones that cost 10 times as much and including after service from Rolex in the case of the DJs.
    I'm so enamored I haven't taken it off and now I've a dilemma as we're taking an annual beach vacation and I don't want to take it off
    A few other details: it's a fairly heavy watch, probably weighs more than the Black Bay. The deployant buckle helps distribute the weight a bit along the leather strap. Great lume. WP to 50m. Non-screw down crown.
    I hope these pics upload correctly and that you enjoy them. If they don't I'll try posting the pics in a separate post.

    (Addendum/NB: I'm apparently unable to have the forum accept my pics until I post more so sorry about that! You can google this watch for some nice shots/wrist shots. Cheers.)

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    Re: Orient Explorer Pics

    I would not wear any watch on a beach with a leather strap. I'd say rock the hell out of it on a beach but with a bracelet or rubber/silicone strap. Enjoy it as it was intended!!

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    Re: Orient Explorer Pics

    Hey, thanks, though I must admit I'm not sure I trust this one for beach/ocean activity. It's not got screw down crowns and it's almost more of a dressy watch. If anything, it'll be my Black Bay or maybe even my DateJust before this one. Or maybe I'm just afraid of messing up this perfect timekeeper, LOL

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