Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....
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Thread: Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....

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    Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....

    I'm torn between these two: The Oris Prodiver on strap and the Oris Small Seconds Diver on bracelet. What do you think?

    Prodiver - (pic found on WUS)

    Small seconds diver-

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    Re: Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....

    That small seconds made my nature rise! Perfect, (as pictured)!
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    Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....

    Both are very nice watches and you won't go wrong with either. I just prefer the Prodiver in looks, it has a kind of Breitling SOH thing going on. Note they are both big in size at >47mm. I think it comes down to trying them on and see which one looks better on your wrist and/or speaks to you.

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    Re: Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....

    i would go with the 1st one because ive seen that 2nd oris in the shop and its huge

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    Re: Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....

    I prefer the looks of the small seconds diver, it's something a bit different in a dive watch of that style.
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    Re: Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....

    Both are beautiful. I would go with the pro diver. As for myself, they are both too large for me.
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    Re: Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....

    1st one. Small seconds don't belong on dive watches IMO.
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    Re: Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....

    My buddy has that pro diver. It's real nice. I thought about making an offer on it, but he just got it a month ago. I'll wait another week...

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    Re: Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....

    +1 for the small seconds diver. I would have one already if they didnt have integrated bracelets.

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    Re: Which Oris Diver do you prefer?.....

    both lovely I like the central seconds makes the dial a little less busy. you cant go wrong with either

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