Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?
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Thread: Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?

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    Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?

    Hey Guys,

    I feel like we always have a tendency to overvalue our possessions. We get defensive of brands that we think are equal to another, even if they're not (my Infiniti is DEFINITELY on par with a BMW!).

    For the past few weeks, I've been trying on here to swap my Breitling SOH 42 for something different.. However I haven't gotten the offers I want, and when I approach other users soliciting their watches, they scoff at my Breitling. Obviously I'm not trading a Breitling SOH for a Submariner, however I've thought that such things as a pre-owed Speedy, SMP, Cartier Ronde, etc. are in the same ballpark as the Breitling

    I'd love to hear opinions here. What does the community here perceive as a fair trade partner for a Breitling SOH? What should I be targeting?


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    Re: Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?

    Following. Great question.

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    Re: Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?

    I would go to ebay and check out the sold listings for pre owned for that model. That will give you an idea.

    Here: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_fro...ete=1&_fosrp=1
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    Re: Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?

    We don't really do valuations here - kinda against the rules but if you're getting that reaction from a lot of people there is probably something to it. I think Breitling has a higher esteem outside of WIS circles than inside WIS circles, which may contribute.
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    Re: Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?

    I don't get people trying to trade watches here. Why don't you just sell it for what you can get then buy the watch you want? There is no way I would mail off a watch and hope the other guy sent me one in return.

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    Re: Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?

    Trades rarely make sense, unless it is amogst friends who know each other's collections, but not randomly on the forums. Most of us know exactly which watches we want to add to our collections. What are the odds that a person who is looking to get rid of their watch wants exactly the watch you are getting rid of, and vice versa. Flip it and use the funds towards a new purchase of your liking.

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    Re: Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?

    I have to agree with the others that a trade just about never makes sense, where you could simply sell the watch and take your money and apply it towards something else. And as for valuations, check the sold listings, as mentioned above, but here, valuations are not a topic of discussion, per forum guidelines.

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    Re: Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?

    It’s same thing as wiring cash and waiting for the other guy to return it.

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    Re: Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?

    I disagree about trades not making sense. If you're starting off in the hobby, there's a good chance that you don't know what you want so I have two thoughts on the positives of Trades, and they both deal with the trade value vs sale value.

    There's a good chance you get higher value for your car when trading it in for something else. They were times on the sales forum where I listed my watch for sale at the price that I was willing to let it go for and, on a handful of occasions, it just wasn't quite getting what I needed for it.

    I decided to list it on the trade forum to see what people might be interested in trading for it, and in most of those cases, the watch that came back to me was one that I ended up selling for the price I had initially wanted for my original watch. It took extra work, but it's a weird thing that I enjoy doing, and along the way I got to see watches that maybe I otherwise never would have seen in person. Some of them ended up being watches that I loved and kept for quite a while before selling.

    So, sometimes people will give a higher trade value to a watch than they would be willing to spend flat out for it. And then, as a result, you could potentially get a watch that has the value you feel your own watch is worth, whether you decide to keep it or later sell it.

    Going back to my original point, because I went on a tangent, trades are a great way to see and learn what you like. My first major deal on the forum was a trade. I had a very well worn Omega Seamaster Bond that was out of warranty and I had worn everyday, before I got anal about keeping my watches in good condition, and the bezel had some pretty deep Nicks in it and the bracelet was scuffed all over. I don't know what I would have been able to get for it if I were to have sold it, but I was able to trade it for a watch that was in excellent condition that really got me going in this Hobby.
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    Re: Outside Opinions: What's My Watch Worth?

    Agree with the sentiments that trades rarely make sense compared to selling, but I don't get the misconception that people can't (or shouldn't) get opinions on value from other members. Nothing against the forum guidelines on this, its just not coming from WUS itself nor can it be considered anything other than an opinion. That said, about 95% of all the content on the forums are opinions anyway so opinions on value are really no different in my view.

    Regarding the original question, recent sales bottom out at around $2500 for that watch (full set, mint condition), so I'd expect somewhere around that in a sale. I think the problem with a trade is that this watch is very much of a niche market, and you have some very popular watches that trade at slightly above the value of this watch (such as the speedy pro, SMP, and black bay heritage), which would be considered close equivalents in terms of size and target market, and it's always harder to find a trade up than a trade down. So, my advice is if you really want to trade, you should look to trade it down, meaning find someone who maybe has an Oris Aquis or similar and is interested in trading + cash for something that is a step up in terms of brand prestige but is looking for something more unique. Otherwise you are going to get a lot of people that perceive they already have a "better" watch, and let's face it, most of us are looking to move up, not down.
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