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    Pallas Pocket watch??

    I need some Direction on this watch... any help in here? thanks..

    I think it is a vintage watch. i am not sure. The face of the watch says Pallas. The name appears half way between the time stem, and the 12 position. Directly below the second dial at the bottom of the face, it says swiss.

    on the inside of the watch, near one of the gears, it says.. messidor w. co.

    elsewhere it says swiss.

    and last on the inside, i think it says thread adjustments. not sure. then says six jewels.

    on the inside of the back cover, it says....

    moniter 7119734.

    thats all i can really see that i can put on here. Thanks.
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    Re: Pallas Pocket watch??

    First of all: Welcome to Watchuseek
    Second: You posted on the wrong forum, that`s why I moved your post to our Public Forum.

    Without giving more details I can not help you.

    We need to know if you are talking about a vintage pocket watch (if so you should post on our Vintage & Pocket Watches Forum) or a pocket watch out of current (probably asian) production. Pics are always helpful - front, back and movement.

    Some info on vintage watches made in Pforzheim:


    Once upon a time there have been a lot of watch manufacturers in the Pforzheim area known as Stowa (Walter Storz), PaRa (Paul Raff), Arctos, Hugo Weinmann (brand: Exquisit), Ormo and others.
    In 1970 most of them joined the Pallas Deutsche Uhren-Kooperation (Pallas German Watch Cooperation).
    Paul Raff was one of the men who founded Pallas. Somehow a new marketing strategy in 1970 by using synergetic effects - that´s what it is called nowadays. (So it is quite possible to fetch a Stowa Pallas or Pallas Stowa or just a Pallas on ebay or elsewhere).

    The Parat slogan (rime) was: "Immer pünktlich, früh und spat, mit der Armbanduhr Parat." (a translation would be: Always on time, early (in the morning) or late (in the evening) with a Parat wrist watch).

    Already in 1949 (after WW II) a "Deutsche Uhrenkooperation" (German Watch Cooperation) was founded by Philipp Weber under the brandname PARAT.
    There isn´t much to read about the Parat Cooperation but from what I could find out the Arctos Uhrenfabrik Philipp Weber, Berg Uhrenfabrik, Wilhelm Beutter, Osco Uhrenfabrik, Otto Schlund (brand was currently re-launched) and Stowa joined this co-op.
    When wholesalers got into economical troubles and decided to sell the PARAT-collection to greater department stores the cooperation lost a lot of money and disappeared from the market.


    PUW stands for Pforzheimer Uhrenwerke (Pforzheim Watch Movements or Pforzheim Ebauches).
    PUW movements have been very popular in from the 60ties to the 70ties and I think they are worth to be colected (just as a witness of time).


    The "Arctos Uhrenfabrik" was founded in Pforzheim in 1923 by Philipp Weber (1890 - 1962) and Jakob Aeschbach and first was named Weber & Aeschbach. In 1928 already 260 movements (pocket and wrist watches) have been produced per day. After WW II the brand´s name changed into Arctos Uhrenfabrik Philipp Weber.
    The Parat slogan (rime) was: "Immer pünktlich, früh und spat, mit der Armbanduhr Parat." (a translation would be: Always on time, early (in the morning) or late (in the evening) with a Parat wrist watch).
    Later Arctos was known as an official suplier to the "Bundeswehr".
    The re-launched "Arctos" of our days is quite different to the "Arctos" of those days and –afaik- isn´t made in Pforzheim any more.


    If there should be a reader outside not knowing what Stowa is about, feel free to read their history on .

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