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    Paying Retail for a Watch

    I am considering purchasing a now-discontinued model of a watch from my local AD, but the store owner is not budging on the price since the watch is no longer made, is limited edition, and is his last one. I have always had a strict policy regarding paying full price for a watch, but I am starting to cave on this one as it is the last one in this area.

    Anyone here pay full price for higher-end watches that exist in limited numbers? Any advice on getting my AD to budge on the price? Should I just walk away and let someone else pay full price for it?

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    Re: Paying Retail for a Watch

    I paid premium retail (The AD price was higher than other AD's in other countries) for my Grand Seiko, cause its "limited" and the AD got only 3 allocation for the whole country (we have only 1 GS AD).

    Was it worth it? To me yes, cause it was exactly what I wanted.

    I could have gotten it cheaper from another AD in another country if I waited, but said why go through the hassle and just got it.
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