Phillip Watch Upcoming Article: Fact or Fiction?

Thread: Phillip Watch Upcoming Article: Fact or Fiction?

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    Phillip Watch Upcoming Article: Fact or Fiction?

    On a recent ShopNBC broadcast, Paul Woods of Philip Watch mentioned an article in an upcoming publication that named the Admirale as a "Best Buy" amongst watches with a 7750 movement.

    He said he was not allowed to mention the name of the publication. Anybody have any idea which publication it might be?

    And does anybody have an opinion on the Admirale or any of the Philip watches? Personally, I think they are one of the best designed Swiss made watches available for the price. I have 13 Philip watches in my collection.

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    Re: Phillip Watch Upcoming Article: Fact or Fiction?

    First of all: Welcome to Watchuseek and welcome to the Public Forum as well.

    Two questions:
    Do you mean Phillip or Philip ? I am sure you mean Philip, right. The Philip Admiral(e) with Valjoux 7750 I know is a LE of 1000 pieces and MSRP was 1350 USD like TZ mentioned last year.
    I know that this watch now retails for 699,95 USD on ShopNBC and 899,95 on Amazone.
    2) Best Buy ?
    The Revue Thommen Ref. 1701.6234 can be fetched for a similar price, 655 for a Zeno chrono, a Swiss Army Valjoux 7750 can bet fetched for less than 699,95 USD. So it´s hard to say what is the best buy, I´d -maybe- go for the Zeno or RT.

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    Re: Phillip Watch Upcoming Article: Fact or Fiction?

    Many on the Affordables forum have purchased the Swiss Army 9G-600 with a Valjoux 7750 movement for less than $400 US. The reviews of it have been uniformly positive and so far none of the owners have flipped one! As far I can tell, I own several 7750 based watches, it is the best buy available currently in a sport-look 7750 without display back.
    Buy what you like, keep what you love, don't spend too much.
    As long as you follow those simple rules - you shouldn't listen to anyone about your watches.

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    Re: Phillip Watch Upcoming Article: Fact or Fiction?

    I'd like to get a hold of that article too..I have both the Admiral and the Admirale on black alligator straps. One's a 48mm and the other a 44mm. They're awesome watches though a little too big for my wrist. Please let us know if and when you find out..
    regards to all,

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    Re: Phillip Watch Upcoming Article: Fact or Fiction?

    I have a hamilton khaki chrono. with the rootbeer colored dial. 38mm with the valjoux 7750. a most excellent watch. 399.99

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