Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco
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Thread: Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco

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    Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco

    I would like to share my experience at this event. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Inside Basel Geneva event in San Francisco by Topper Jeweler, held at the Ritz Carlton. The food was excellent, met some nice folks, and of course viewed some phenomenal watches.

    The event begins with a reception showcasing all the attending manufacturers at their booths. Attendants are able to see all the watches up close, and most watches were available to try on. A few brands did not allow attendants to try on their watches and were only viewable behind the display cases.

    The reception was followed by the dinner and slide show by Jeff Kingston. Jeff is truely knowlegeable and obviously is close with many of the manufacturer to not only have access to info but the manufacturing process and many of the brand's watchmakers. This was evident in the slide show.

    Dinner was pretty good (not great by foodie standards), and the wine pairing was a great touch. The slide show was a little long, but was very interesting since the newest pieces by many of the manufacturers were presented. The end of the slide show / dinner was marked by the serving of 15 year old Dalmore whisky.

    At the end of the night we were presented with bags of swag. I said bags because there were 2 bags!

    Enough verbiage, here are the pictures. Sorry for the quality, since it was all indoor and some of the watches were behind display cases. Plus I don't have skills.

    At entrance to reception:


    Cool looking tourbillion, too bad its 47mm and over $133k

    Zenith with smoky dial. I was told not many dial makers in the world can make a competent smoky dial.

    Interesting brand, I was told Badollet only makes 50 watches per year. Can you imagine their prices?

    Spectacular Breguet.

    Not a fan of the dial but the display back is cool.

    Very nice and interesting lady watches.

    AP! They were a little snobby so I didn't spent too much time there.

    Cool display with 3D display.

    Piaget with 2 faces!

    Superthin and sexy in person:

    Really loved the Vacheron's too bad they were all in display cases only.


    Really cool nouveau historical collection:

    I think my favorite watch of the evening:

    JLC were spectacular as usual:

    The controversial rouge Reverso:


    A very interesting Montblanc:

    Menu and list of attending manufacturers, and the food:

    The person sitting to 1 side of me was invited by the AP mod on TZ, and his ticket was provided by AP. AP even provided a watch for him to wear for the evening. Note - I was not provided a watch for the evening!!!

    The whisky at the end of the presentation:


    Chocolate by Vacheron:

    USB key by BMW. It is literally a replica of a BMW key.

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    Re: Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco

    Awesome, thanks for sharing.

    I am definately going to try and make the Chicago show next year.
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    Re: Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco

    Wow, nice! And the pics are fine. Thx for sharing!
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    Re: Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco

    Fabulous! Your dinner look better than the one in Chicago..

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    Re: Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco

    Thanks for sharing, dosei.

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    Re: Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco

    Very very cool!
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    Re: Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco

    The pictures are great, your skills are more than adequate, and thanks for sharing!


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    Re: Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco

    Great pictures thanks for posting! Is that the new Zenith catalogue I see there? I need to get my hands on that.

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    Re: Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco

    Nice reportage. I see that RGM attended but didn't see any photos of any of their pieces. Any chance you've got some on your camera that you can post or give a little report about their watches?

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    Re: Pictures from Inside Basel Geneva, San Francisco

    Excellent! Thank you for sharing! What a great event.
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