PIX a MUST-- Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)
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Thread: PIX a MUST-- Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)

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    PIX a MUST-- Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)

    Just to be extra clear: "Oldest" - NOT in terms of when it was made, but when you came into possession of it... AND you still have it.
    And, the newest in your collection, counting as of today.

    These two are mine, respectively: 14 years...
    Name:  IMG_1351 copy.jpg
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    3 days...

    Name:  IMG_2658 copy.jpg
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    Re: Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)

    Oldest: 7T32-6E40 (blue dial), my Grandfather gave it to me probably more than 20 years ago (I forget when he gave it to me). Back then I didn't care about watches as toys and just wore a Casio digital and kept that Seiko as a shelf queen until my Dad took it, wore it (without asking me first), scratched it up, then gave it back to me! Doh! But now I could wear it carefreely because my Dad scratched it up. Wore it yesterday.

    Name:  Seiko smurf.jpg
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    Newest: SBGR307, bought it six months ago, probably the last watch I will ever buy for myself (after WUS, I have 11 watches that will last me for life). Wore it (without scratching) yesterday. (Took this picture sometime ago to capture GS's "play of light and shadow" of the hands and hour markers under the tree and sky, with the metallic dial taking on blue hue from the sky. The crystal looks much clearer in-person.)

    Name:  SBGR307 play of light and shadow under tree and sky 2.png
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    Re: PIX a MUST-- Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)

    Oldest watch still in possession: a Seiko 5 from 1998 or so

    Name:  Seiko5_r01.jpg
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    Oldest watch still in use: Junkers Iron Annie Chronograph, bought in March 2012

    Name:  Junkers_r05.jpg
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    Latest addition: Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T, acquired last December

    Name:  Carrera_Heuer_02T_r06.jpg
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    Re: PIX a MUST-- Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)

    On left: 36mm Wolbrook world time watch I purchased from an ad in the back of a magazine in 1978. It was advertised as being so tough and water resistant it is shipped in a water filled container, and that is exactly how I received it. It is a French made, manual wind mechanical that I wore daily until 1982 when I enlisted in the USMC. It still runs just fine to this day.

    On right: my most recently acquired 46mm Citizen AT9010-52E radio controlled world time. It is the first watch of its type I've owned and has gotten the majority of wrist time lately.

    When I took this pic moments ago it was only by sheer coincidence that the Wolbrook was wound down on the 24th of the month the last time I had it powered it up, I did not wind or set it for this pic!

    Name:  wolbrook-citizen-AT-web.jpg
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    Re: PIX a MUST-- Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)

    In the mechanical arena, I’m a relative noob so mine are only a year & a bit apart.

    Hamilton Khaki Auto 42mm - June 2017
    Name:  IMG_1858.jpg
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    Longines BigEye - October 2018
    Name:  IMG_1600.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1760.jpg
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    2 other pieces picked up in between.

    For some humour, this is the oldest “piece” in my collection.

    Joe Boxer pocket watch circa 1995
    Name:  IMG_1975.jpg
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    Life is short!

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    Re: PIX a MUST-- Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)

    Oldest- Swiss Army quartz (about 20 years ago, my one and only watch I wore every day until about 4 years ago). Newest- Seamaster GMT 50th, about 6 weeks ago.
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    ROLEX 14270 IWC 3239 OMEGA 2234.50.00 ZODIAC Super Sea Wolf BWC Chronograph

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    Re: PIX a MUST-- Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)

    Ingraham "Micky Mouse" watch, given to me in 1964

    Name:  Mickey Mouse watch.jpg
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    Slow Round, purchased October, 2018

    Name:  Slow Round 1.JPG
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    Re: PIX a MUST-- Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)

    Got the Waltham pocket watch on my 21st birthday, almost 45 years ago--been handed down in the family through five generations. Bought the Carpenter 2 years ago--my most recent purchase, with none to follow.
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    Re: PIX a MUST-- Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)

    Got this one in 1988-89 from the LL Bean catalogue. As I recall, I spent a mind-boggling $110 for it.

    Name:  5c35cee5f8cf85af9dec3c17fcbf89d0.jpg
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    This one last Thanksgiving morning.

    Name:  a569234231669d31aa7df1238e38832e.jpg
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    Re: PIX a MUST-- Your "OLDEST" (first acquisition) & "NEWEST" (latest acquisition)

    Oldest, the Tag 2000 quartz, about 17 years ago, the only watch I wore for 13 years. Newest, the Eterna Legacy in December. Both blue dials. Hmmm...

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