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    Playing with Photoshop

    Just fooling around with Photoshop over the weekend (just the really basic tools). See if you can spot the originals

    And if anyone has any requests (eg: what watch with which band?), just let me know.
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    Re: Playing with Photoshop

    I'm gonna say the Black Monster on the Seiko rubber dive band...Pretty cool way to try out straps on a watch without having to buy 'em first!!

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    Re: Playing with Photoshop

    I'm guessing the 4th watch from the left. I don't know what brand it is but it's kinda cool.

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    Re: Playing with Photoshop

    Very good efforts Montauke

    If you enjoyed your project, may I offer some tips?

    If at all possible, work with images you've taken yourself. That way you can ensure that all of the angles of view are the same.

    As you can't always work with all your own photographs, start building your own collection of source files and concentrate on getting shots that are absolutely straight on at first. Working at matching different perspectives can be quite time consuming and can't be guaranteed to always come out right.

    Doing Photoshop mock-ups can be great and you never know where it might take you. These are some design studies that it's alright for me to show as they have already been shown in public, done for Timefactors - (makers of the Dreadnought and Precista watches) ...................
    All of the following images are Photoshop creations. None of these watches exist (yet )
    (All of the following designs and images are copyright GeoffD 2007,2008 and may not be reproduced without written permission)

    I Hope you carry on with your project, it can be really great fun, and even rewarding.
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