Please help finding a specific watch?

Thread: Please help finding a specific watch?

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    Please help finding a specific watch?

    Friends...I'm asking for a favour. I'm looking for a watch...a watch from my misspent youth which I would dearly love to have again. Probably a very long shot, but one never knows....

    Here are the details:
    -ca early 1970's
    - "Tradition" (Sears/Sears Roebuck) brand
    -diver style
    -Swiss auto movement
    -day and date
    -chrome plate case/ ss back
    -blue unidirectional revolving dive bezel
    -bright blue sunburst dial

    Not much to go on I know, but in your travels, if you happen to see one of these, would you be so kind as to let me know? Any condition, anywhere,

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