Please help to identify the parts (building/replicating a custom watch)

Thread: Please help to identify the parts (building/replicating a custom watch)

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    Confused Please help to identify the parts (building/replicating a custom watch)

    Hi everyone,

    I came across a watch that IMHO is one of the best mil-submarine mod I ever seen. But when I found it, it's sold already and afterwards, somehow I lost the bookmark and couldn't remember where I found the watch. = [

    Recently, after nearly half a year diligent "googling", I found the thread again by luck.

    It's a very tasteful custom watch order by our forum member Biogon and put together beautifully by Duarte Mendonca. I tried to contact Biogon to see who he sold his watch to, so I might have chance to make an offer to the recent owner, but unfortunately I haven't get any reply yet.

    For now, I think another option is to source the parts myself and find someone build it.

    On his original thread, he stated the info of the watch as follow:
    1) Sterile Submariner-style case and back:

    He stated it's a 40mm case/bezel without crown, 20mm lug width but can anyone identify what case he's using? I did a bit research myself and found is selling some similar cases, could I be right?

    2) MkII MilSub no-date dial and sword hand:

    I think it's the hardest part to source......I tried Dagaz and Yobokies, they have great parts but I still prefer to have Mkii dials and hands on this watch. Anyone knows other mod parts suppliers have something close to Mkii style? (smaller, slimmer wordings and hands, more white on lume than greenish)

    3) Left-hand crown:

    Best part about the mod, very simple yet clever and it spices up the whole mod, to set it apart from most submariner style mods, my favourite part of the mod.

    4) Genuine ETA 2824-2 from Ofrei:

    I think it's from here:

    5) Borel steel triplock crown and tube:

    I think it's from here:

    6) Glidelock-style clasp:

    Seems not too hard to source.

    7) Ceramic glossy bezel insert:

    Really have no idea where to get it, the numbers seem not only printed, but were engraved on the bezel.

    8) Full beadblast

    Yes, yes, I know Duarte offer this service =]

    Please advice! Thanks!

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    Re: Please help to identify the parts (building/replicating a custom watch)

    Here are the pictures from the original thread for viewing convenience:

    Name:  sub1e.jpg
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    Name:  sub2v.jpg
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    Name:  sub4.jpg
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    Thanks again!


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    Re: Please help to identify the parts (building/replicating a custom watch)

    The MkII parts will be almost impossible to find. Other than the beadblasting, I would think Helenarou can make that watch for you pretty close to your specs.

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