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    Pocket Watch Conversion to Wristwatch

    I've seen a few watches that were, in fact, a pocket watch movement re-cased in a wristwatch case.

    Where can I find info on those? Anyone has some to show? An eBay search (great way to usually start a research) has not given much anything.

    I'm looking to find info on the "real" conversions (done at the start of the 20th century), not the cheap ones done recently for fast profit.
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    Re: Pocket Watch Conversion to Wristwatch

    The kits done by Bedat and UTC were not cheap.

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    Re: Pocket Watch Conversion to Wristwatch

    RGM does this with Hamilton size 12 and size 10 PW movements and they are not cheap.

    There are many contemporary wrist watches made with the ETA Unitas 6497/98 PW movements.

    In the early days of wrist watch manufacture many were made by using ladies pendant watches and soldering wire lugs on to the cases.

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