I received a Poljot Strela Chronograph for Christmas through Russian Souvenirs. I really like the watch and it's my first manual wind chrono. It functioned perfect when I got it, but lately the chrono function seems to be acting up. When engaged the chrono sweep hand will jump/skip if the watch isn't laying flat (caseback down), is this normal? The movement is a Poljot 3133, which is based on the Valjoux 7734 I believe. I've contacted the company and they said send it in. This requires it being sent to a P.O. Box via the United States Postal Service (UPS won't go to a P.O.) in Virgina, and they will send it to Russia for service, and then back to me (about a 6-8 week turn around). Does this sound legit? I got no warranty card with the watch, and the individual at Russian Souvenirs said that they hold onto the warranty and to send it to them (in VA), and they will send it to Russia if a problem should arise. Is this worth it? Will I see my watch again? I could probably live with the problem, and get it fixed when it needs to be serviced in a few years (granted nothing else goes wrong). Sorry this is so long, but I don't "want to get takin". Thank you in advance.