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  • Can't wait for Seaforth III

    16 22.22%
  • Halios has lost me as a customer

    10 13.89%
  • Pretty disappointed in the whole sale process

    17 23.61%
  • It's just a watch, I'll get over it

    34 47.22%
  • I've started researching how to use bots to shop

    5 6.94%
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Thread: Poll: Halios Seaforth Stampede

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    Question Poll: Halios Seaforth Stampede

    So after 3 rounds of online sales (including Forasec's early sales (?) for European customers), plus the Dirty 30.
    The Seaforth II sales is now said and done.

    As someone who tried to snag a Seaforth. Emphasis: Tried.
    I've been following the Halios thread (https://forums.watchuseek.com/f74/hal...75145-360.html) and the Instagram comments profusely.

    If I'm honest, I'm quite indifferent to how all this has unfolded. But I am curious, how does everyone feel about Halios and the Seaforth series now?

    Edit: I also wanted to add a few more options to the poll. Anyone know how to edit the poll?
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    Re: Poll: Halios Seaforth Stampede

    It's just a watch.

    When demand outstrips supply any whining about not being able to buy one or feelings of entitlement are irrelevant. It's the luck of the draw.
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    Re: Poll: Halios Seaforth Stampede

    Quote Originally Posted by Bradjhomes View Post
    It's just a watch.

    When demand outstrips supply any whining about not being able to buy one or feelings of entitlement are irrelevant. It's the luck of the draw.
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    Re: Poll: Halios Seaforth Stampede

    I was awaiting one, but had my reservations the last few weeks if I should buy one when I already have so many watches. So I guess I wasn't one of those feeling like I HAD to have one anyways. I was busy in a meeting for work around 3:00 so couldn't check the website until like 3:20 Pacific (12:20 Hawaii), and saw they had all sold out. After that, I heard all gone within 3 minutes, I guess I didn't realize the demand for them.

    I respect he puts out a product and prices it fairly. Based on the demand, it seems like he could be asking way more for them. I'm hoping he sticks to his business model, and maybe I'll want it more the next go around.
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    Poll: Halios Seaforth Stampede

    The Halios Seaforth is the first diver I really, really want, (excepting a vintage Tudor snowflake milsub or 1960s Seamaster) and I have been looking for a Diver for over 4 years. Even though there are now quite a few options in the 40-41mm range, none fit my small wrist as well or are as gorgeous. It also speaks to the lack of original elegant divers out there, especially in the micro world. Kudos to Jason for filling an obvious need when nobody else is, though Nodus seems to be getting in the game now.

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    Re: Poll: Halios Seaforth Stampede

    It’s only a microbrand.

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    Poll: Halios Seaforth Stampede

    Missing out on this for me hasn't been too bad in the end. After spending the morning being pissed at the way everything went down, I've spent the afternoon looking at non micro brand options. Spending more but happy again knowing I can buy what I want.

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    Re: Poll: Halios Seaforth Stampede

    Is there an option for not caring about Halios at all? Because that's where I'm at. People only want this watch because they feel like they've won something if they actually get a pre-order.

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    Re: Poll: Halios Seaforth Stampede

    I don’t like the Thunderdome effect this watch creates on people.
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    Re: Poll: Halios Seaforth Stampede

    I couldn‘t care less.
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