Post pics of your "one watch"
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Thread: Post pics of your "one watch"

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    Post pics of your "one watch"

    If you're a "one watch" guy, post pics of it here.

    If you've thought about becoming a "one watch" guy and know which watch it would be, post pics of it here.

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    Re: Post pics of your "one watch"

    This is simple. I am not so no pics required.

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    Re: Post pics of your "one watch"

    This thread will most probably a no-picture thread ✌️

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    Re: Post pics of your "one watch"

    One watch? That’s crazy talk. In theory I could name “the one” but to get down to one watch would mean dozens being made homeless.

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    Re: Post pics of your "one watch"

    Agree with the 'crazy talk' comment
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    I’ve thought about it over the years and attempted it several times but could never accomplish it. The “ONE” simply is such a moving target that continually changes and remains elusive. I credit “The Paradox of Choice” for my failure. The reality is that I now own 8 wristwatches and that is the most I have ever had in my possession at any one time. This is after flipping over 50 watches collectively over the past four years.

    Ironically I wore a basic stainless steel day date Seiko Quartz for over a decade uninterrupted prior to locating WUS.

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    Re: Post pics of your "one watch"

    If I had to it would be an explorer 2 or aqua terra. Both watches that can be used in almost every situation. But let's be honest we are on WUS are all multiple watch owners who justify our watches are needed for multiple occasions.

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    Re: Post pics of your "one watch"

    I’m in the process of getting a “grail” watch, but I’ll never be totally faithful, lol.
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    Re: Post pics of your "one watch"

    I tried but i failed. So no pic from me.

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    Re: Post pics of your "one watch"

    This thread needs pics

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