Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015
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Thread: Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015

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    Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015

    Well, it's high time someone started the 2015 edition. Please follow suite and post your current watch collection and your watch box(es).

    Here are my watches to date: -

    Name:  DSC01517.jpg
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    And for boxes, I have a Mitch & Marc that my mrs got me about a year and a half back, it can house 5 watches, and I added a Wolf watchbox a few months ago that can hold 10 watches: -

    Name:  DSC01527.JPG
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    IG: mrwatchusername

    Main Stable: -

    Breguet Type XX Transatlantique
    Rolex Datejust
    Rolex Milgauss
    Omega Speedmaster Professional
    Omega Seamaster Professional
    Omega Constellation Quartz
    Jeanrichard Aquascope Hokusai
    Seiko Diver's Automatic

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    Re: Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015

    Okay here goes.

    I found this box for $10 (Aus), gave it a real good clean up / restoration.. built the divider for it and felted it and the inside of the box.. and wala! Vintage box for vintage watches. As you can see, i have a quite small collection. I also have a full hunter cased trench watch on the way to add to this..


    Divers - June 1977 Seiko 6309-7040 Quartz Hybrid | March 1978 Seiko 7548-700H (Orange Dial) in a 6309-7040 case | February 1972 Seiko 6105-8110 | Seiko 7548 "Tuna" TST | October 1985 Seiko H558-5000 "Arnie" | Scurfa Stainless Steel.

    Chronographs - July 1972 Seiko 6139-6005 (True Pogue).

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    Re: Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015

    My current collection so far

    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.~Hunter S. Thompson
    "Buy the ticket take the ride"- Hunter S. Thompson

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    Re: Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015

    Here's a photo of mine minus my Movado getting a new battery.
    Rolex DJ. Citizen GC. FC P2P. Steinhart O1V. Seiko Stargate. Seiko Prospex Monster. Pulsar chrono - first non digital. Pan hom. HMT Pilot. Luminox 1820. Guess Quartz. Fossil Arkitekt. I really only wear the top row for the most part. Not bad for about 2 years being interested in watches.

    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1428197039.909153.jpg
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    Rolex Datejust / Frederique Constant Peking to Paris chrono / Oris Divers 65 / Citizen Signature Grand Classic / Orient Star GMT / Movado Museum / Seiko Stargate / HMT Pilot / Luminox 1820

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    Re: Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015

    This is my current 2

    Plus 2

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    Re: Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015

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    Re: Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015

    Name:  watches.jpg
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    Re: Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015

    Earth to Donut!!!!
    The grail:

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    Re: Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015

    I can't wait for someone to post this thread again tomorrow.

    anyway. My watch collection of 2 is in my signature. I don't think I need to post it again.

    here is the "post your watch collection" thread from 10 hours ago
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    Re: Post your current Watch Box and Collection. Vol 2015

    Ordering by which watches I would keep longest if I were forced to liquidate, here are my top 10:
    Name:  7EF14F60-31F0-4569-B551-8CB13E3131CD_zpsd6nriyhx.jpg
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    '67 Daini Seiko 6217-8001 (62Mas, first Seiko diver), '67 6215-7000 (first Seiko professional diver, and rarest of the Seiko vintage divers), '66 Omega Seamaster 165.024, Dornbluth&Sohn 99.1, Seiko IZUL SDAA003
    '70 Proof/Proof 6105-8110, '64 Grand Seiko 43999 (Self Dater), Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic SS, Grand Seiko SBGA011 (Snowflake), '69 Zenith A386

    Next 10:
    Name:  20365182-1E7E-4C41-B4F2-A7C548228E8E_zps3dofnb0f.jpg
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    '70 Seiko 6105-8000, '76 Seiko 6138-0040 (Black Horse), Zenith Striking 10ths LE, Speedmaster 3570.50, '71 Hamilton Pan Europ 703
    '79 Seiko 7549-7010, '72 Seiko 6139-6005 (Pogue), Heuer 2447N, Vulcain Nautical Heritage (50th Anniversary), DOXA 600T T-Graph Searambler (40th Anniversary ed. 1/~75)

    Next 10:
    Name:  9A57A453-39AC-417B-A746-822CE71E4126_zpshhk8ngpg.jpg
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    '69 Seiko 3102-7000 (Electronic/pre-quartz watch), Seiko SBDX001 (MM300), '74 Seiko 6105-8119, Seiko SBDA003 (Blue Ti Samurai), Seiko Astron Stratosphere SBXA033 (AKA Death Star)
    '68 Citizen Skin Diver (first Citizen diver), '71 6138-8000 (AKA Baby Panda), '77 Seiko 6309-7049, '67 Suwa Seiko 6217-8001, DOXA SUB 750T Professional COSC (1/~100).
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