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    PRC200 Chrono, a fake and authorised dealers


    Done lots of reading here, but fairly new to post. Many thanks to those who contribute and who have given me a wealth of information on the Tissot PRC200 chrono, especially relating to the abundance of fakes out there. I thought it might be useful to some, if I recounted my recent experience.

    I have always liked the look of the PRC200 chrono in white, but have some how held back from it. Most of my watches to date have tended to be mechanical movements. Just recently HMRC was kind enough to confess to overtaxing me for the last few years , and so I swallowed my pride at the thought of handing some of it back as VAT and made up my mind to acquire said watch.

    I did a lot of reading, and, like most of us, sought out the best price I could find for the model that I wanted. I found an Ebay seller, looking like it was based in this country, Power Seller status, loads of good feedback and a price for the watch of around 70% of retail in addition to a categoric assurance that all watches sold were 100% genuine. I decided that by paying with Paypal and using my credit card to fund the transaction, I had enough protection if things went bad.

    Between placing the order and receiving the watch I came across the thread here on spotting fake Tissot:

    When the watch arrived, I was immediately curious because of the the slightly shabby packaging. The booklets in the base of box were poorly printed and when I handled the watch, although everything appeared right, there was something about the feel that was not 'quality'. The finish on the edges of the braclet links seemed a little crude and when I opened the clasp, there was a 'gritiness' to the links. Also, the felt bag to be used as a travel pouch was in the ubiquitous clear plastic bag. Without delay, I asked to return for a refund, as advertised on the seller's page, and packed the watch back off. I did indeed receive a full refund within a couple of days and so can't say I had any problems in that respect other than forking out £8 for the return postage.

    I then decided to visit John Lewis, stated to be an authorised stockist on the Tissot global web site, to buy the same watch at the going rate. No problem with the sale and after having held the real deal, my fears over the Internet purchase were confirmed. I do believe the first purchase was not the genuine item. All well and good then, for about a week.

    I was putting a leather strap on the watch to save marking up the bracelet with everyday wear when I noticed that the hands were not too well aligned. When the watch said 12:00, the hour hand was not directly below the minute hand. Not by much, but enough. I also noted that the date rolled over sometime around 01:30, which did not seem right either.

    So, an easy visit back to the stockist, who quickly offered me a replacement, although the date rolled over on that one at 06:30 . Luckily, there was another is stock, which I examined for what seemed to be a surprising number of faults on a branded watch of its price, and agreed to take it in exchange. All now seems well, but the moral in my eyes is don't penny pinch on an Internet purchase, you at least get the real thing from an authorised stockist, and sorting out difficult issues becomes real easy.

    Anyway, I'm a happy bunny now, and here's a pic of my watch fitted with its green sharkskin Di-Modell strap, which I wasn't sure would work, but looks just fine. The colour of the strap just picks out the green tint of the lume on the hands and the dial:

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    Re: PRC200 Chrono, a fake and authorised dealers

    Very nice watch. Get a nice deployant buckle, it will double the life of your nice band and makes the presentation of the watch more impressive.
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    Re: PRC200 Chrono, a fake and authorised dealers

    That is nice watch indeed.

    I suggested this watch to a friend of mine recently when he was asking me about it.

    Wear it in good health.

    That strap is very nice indeed.
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