Problem with screw-in bars

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    Problem with screw-in bars

    Morning all (GMT) My 'work' watch (H3 GWS G10 on a Bonetto Cinturini rubber strap) is on it's second set of screw-in strap bars. I replaced them when one of the factory fitted ones dropped out, but I'm thinking now that the screw thread in the lug is the issue as one keeps coming loose.
    I've tried using a bit of thread lock but to no avail.
    It's my daily beater and not a family heir loom :) but I don't want to lose it in a skip one day without noticing (I've lost 2 wedding rings btw).
    I'm considering drilling the threaded ends out and fitting 22mm spring bars - too drastic?
    All opinions welcome. name is John, and I read about watches..

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    Re: Problem with screw-in bars

    Try a bit of silicone on the end of the thread as opposed to something like Loctite as another suggestion.

    You could drill them out as a last option, but I would wait and see if other members chime in with other suggestions first.
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