Problem with spring bar length

Thread: Problem with spring bar length

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    Problem with spring bar length

    I ordered a batch of 18mm single-flange spring bars but to my dismay, they didn't fit. The seller accepts returns but I only paid about $5 and I don't want to go through the trouble of shipping all the way back to Australia.

    The problem is that the body of the spring bar (that is, the length of the spring bar minus the ends) measures 18mm. The ends, when depressed, protrude from the body 1mm on each side. I'm going to order another batch but this time from Ofrei. Just to be sure, should I order the 18mm ones?
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    Re: Problem with spring bar length

    you might try to buy an assortment in different sizes[15mm-18mm], they dont cost a lot and you can use some of them for future watch purchases.
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    Re: Problem with spring bar length

    Well... That's not 18mm then, probably 20 or 22mm. I'd contact the seller and tell him about this - 18mm tube is definitely too long for 18mm bars. I'd expect him to just send a set of correct ones without extra charge as an apology.

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