Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.
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Thread: Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.

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    Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.

    It can't be just me, can it? I have had issues trying to buy watches at a certain department store. I don't want to say the name. Well, it rhymes with Stacy's.
    Several months ago I saw a Seiko PADI Turtle for a very good price. But as the counter woman was "trying" to adjust the bracelet.she pretty much made it non-functional. Lucky for me, they had (2) so I told her to just give me the other one.
    Yesterday, I found a Save The Ocean Samurai at the same store. I didn't even give them a chance to screw up this bracelet. But...before I left the mall I realized that they not only gave me the wrong owner's manual, they also gave me the wrong box. The STO is supposed to come in a Special Edition box. They didn't have it. They made excuses ad to why it wasn't there, etc... I returned the watch and bought one online.
    Anyone else have issues buying at these places?

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    Re: Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.

    You should have prepared for that going in.
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    Re: Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.

    Macys display watches always end up in whichever box they have available. And they usually already sold your box to a previous customer.
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    Re: Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.

    Agree with all above. I've bought there before and have always made sure the box/manuals were correct for the watch before I pay.. Most of their customers don't care and most of the sales people have no clue. I's a dept. store and that's how it goes. And NEVER allow them to size the bracelet.
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    Re: Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.

    We used to shop at Macy's quite a lot; my wife loved them and the salespeople were usually pretty capable. In the past few years, I've seen a huge decline in the quality of the whole experience, particularly the caliber of the salespeople. It seems their staff picking process is racing to the bottom.

    I haven't bought a luxury watch from them, but the few cheapies we've bought were smooth transactions, nothing I can complain about. Even a bracelet resize went smoothly, other than trouble finding the correct tool.

    This week I had my eyes on a new Victorinox suitcase; the flyer said everything was half-off. Huh, sounds pretty good. So I checked out the bags and then looked at the Victorinox website and discovered the regular Victorinox price was less than Macy's half-off price. Some deal?
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    Re: Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.

    so much for ADs always being the better experience.

    gotta throw this on the table ..

    the OP did not examine watch, box and papers during checkout?

    this is like not checking your takeout bag at a drive through or restaurant..

    i would never have macys resize my bracelet...??

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    Re: Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.

    I like going to Tracies just to see and try watches that I know I can find online for a much better price.

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    Re: Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.

    While a given department store may technically be an "AD" for certain brands, I don't think it's reasonable to expect high-end, watch dealer expertise or care. Hell, it's hard enough to find multi-packed underwear in the right bin....

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    Re: Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.

    I bought a Rolex at a gas station and the tire guy sized the bracelet real quick with his jiffy bar. But the microwave souffle was too salty and the bathroom was scented with lavender, which I hate. Last time I do that!
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    Re: Problems Buying Watches At a Department Store.

    You appear to have some unrealistic expectations as to the quality of employees that can be had for $10 per hour. My local store staff don't have any product knowledge for anything they sell. Shoes, watches, suits, you name it. They're just there to run the register.

    You're not even buying from a watch store. It's just a department store with a counter for watches and fake jewelry. It can't be much different than getting a watch at Walmart or Khols.

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