Quartz, All situations, Under $500.
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Thread: Quartz, All situations, Under $500.

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    Quartz, All situations, Under $500.

    Hey WUS,

    I rarely look at much that is not Vintage Mechanical/Automatic so I figured id refer to the experts.

    My Aunt is looking for an anniversary gift for her husband and is looking for something Quartz, Under $500 and good for all scenario's. I figured it would be easier to direct her to this thread then have her spend hours looking through brands I suggest.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Quartz, All situations, Under $500.

    Hamilton Khaki Field Quartz: H68411533 | Hamilton Watch


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    Re: Quartz, All situations, Under $500.

    Look at some Citizen Eco-Drives as well.

    Hamilton makes a number of nice quartz models, as does Seiko.
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    Re: Quartz, All situations, Under $500.

    I can't imagine you would need to look beyond the local department store's Seiko or Citizen case. Orient, Tissot, Hamilton are other fine options.

    Or, by a Stauer and you can do this.

    ""Mr. Bigshot rolled up in a roaring high-performance Italian sports car, dropping attitude like his $22,000 watch made it okay for him to be rude. That’s when I decided to roll up my sleeves and teach him a lesson. "Nice watch," I said, pointing to his and holding up mine. He nodded like we belonged to the same club. We did, but he literally paid 100 times more for his membership. Bigshot bragged about his five figure purchase, a luxury heavyweight from the titan of high-priced timepieces. I told him that mine was the Stauer Corso, a 27-jewel automatic classic now available for only $179. And just like that, the man was at a loss for words."

    I'm just joking. Don't. Better off kicking him in the groin than doing that. Plus it's not quartz.
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    Re: Quartz, All situations, Under $500.

    Most of the big brands do a very good selection of quartz watches so if she went for a dress watch with a good WR she would have most if the bases covered (SARB033/035 anybody?)

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    Re: Quartz, All situations, Under $500.

    Citizen Ecodrive models are worry free and very sturdy. Here are a couple models which might work:

    37mm steel mineral crystal. Citizen Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Bracelet BM8430-59E Men's Bracelets

    Name:  BM8430-59E_full.jpg
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    41mm steel sapphire crystal Citizen Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Bracelet BM7251-53L Men's Bracelets

    Name:  BM7251-53L_fullsize_1419877646.jpg
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    Seiko and Casio also have many many options available.
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    Re: Quartz, All situations, Under $500.

    Name:  c60-42-q-sks_1_2.jpg
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    the new C60 Trident 300 by Christopher Ward May fit the bill. It is only $415

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    Re: Quartz, All situations, Under $500.

    Was thinking of the first generation Tissot PRC 200. Can they still be found anywhere?

    Name:  tissot_prc200_02.jpg
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    Re: Quartz, All situations, Under $500.

    Playing devil's advocate, you can get an MTG G-Shock for around $700, a bit higher than your budget, but it's *literally* good for all situations. And it's GPS, which is more than can be said for anything else in the price bracket.

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    Re: Quartz, All situations, Under $500.

    How about this


    Brought to you by HYPNOTOAD
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