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Thread: Is the quartz taboo slipping away - ?

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    Re: Is the quartz taboo slipping away - ?

    I own a couple of quartz watches and am very happy with them (my Citizen Skyhawk and G-Shock).

    However, I would not want to spend significant amount of money on a mid-range or high-end quartz watch, they just fail to intrigue me. Maybe this feeling doesn't make sense, but then nothing about this hobby makes any sense.

    There is one exception to this: my wife's grail is a ladies Cartier watch (because you can basically only get them in quartz, and she doesn't care about what makes it tick one bit). One day I will get it for her.

    Notwithstanding the above, I would never look down on anyone who does derive enjoyment out of quartz watches. Any enthusiast is a welcome addition to the Watch, er, Movement.
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    Re: Is the quartz taboo slipping away - ?

    Yay! The Seiko solar diver is my favourite go to watch at the moment :)

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    I love mechanicals, but quartz will always be prominent in my collection.

    Quote Originally Posted by dan.05 View Post
    I was going to get an SKX007 or 9 but then stumbled across this prospect in a store window. After looking into it and finding out it’s quartz but solar I thought it would be a nice addition to my collection as I isn’t have a quartz and it is solar.

    I now have dropped the snobbery and have 2 more quartz watches.
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    Re: Is the quartz taboo slipping away - ?

    Quote Originally Posted by WesternNYer View Post
    This may have been addressed elsewhere in the Forum but here goes: I've noticed that several Swiss brands are now offering 'more affordable' quartz models: Baume et Mercier, Frederique Constant and Eterna come to mind; Longines has always had a broad selection of quartz models and even Omega has a quartz Aqua Terra. Grand Seiko has a quartz option. Then there's Ebel - but I know that's considered a 'fashion brand.' Personally, I have nothing against quartz - but I know that's a minority opinion. Input from Forum posters is invited.
    Nothing wrong with quartz. FYI Omega does not make a quartz Aqua Terra any longer.

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    What’s wrong with quartz? Its generally more accurate (out of the box) and requires less maintenance and care. Well ..... I can tell you what’s wrong with it in my book. #1 The ticking seconds hand is my first beef .... no particular reason other than personal preference. #2 the seconds hand not striking the induces perfectly. It drives me kind of nutty. So, my solution has been Precisionist based movements. They get rid of the tick and the alignment issues. Just for clarity I do have several regular quartz and they are workhorses that I can’t complain about except for those two issues that are endemic to the breed (mostly). Then there is the entire world of true HAQ with thermal compensation .... in the end just wear the watches that speak to you and if you like it than who cares what anyone else thinks.
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    Re: Is the quartz taboo slipping away - ?

    The taboo has never been there for the public, and for me, quartz watches are purchased under a few hundred dollars and are treasured as much as any watch I own, as it should be in this hobby of ours as a watch is a watch.

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    I would never purchase a high end quartz watch though...not really sure why, but perhaps because I equate quality and horological significance, complexity/engineering prowess with mechanical watches.

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    Re: Is the quartz taboo slipping away - ?

    What a great question! Those of us who love mechanical watches love the engineering and intricacy of it, view quartz as being a soul-less piece of silicon that almost made mechanical watches extinct! However, due to a variety of factors -- expense of mechanicals, especially with interesting complications, lack of competition of movement manufacturers, the development of a myriad of contract design and manufacturing avenues and the resulting explosion of microbrands, etc., an opening has emerged for watch lovers to appreciate higher quality quartz movements with some interesting quasi-mechanical complications (e.g., the meca-quartz), which emerge every day in some very creative and beautiful designs. As a mechanical guy and the creator of a watch winder wallsafe, I should be against Quartz watches. But properly and interestingly implemented, I am not. I love my Seiko Astron Solar (and for that matter my Memorigin Navigator and Seagull 1963 manual winds), and say, viva la difference!
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    Re: Is the quartz taboo slipping away - ?

    As frustrating as Kinetic watches can be, if I had only one watch, it would definitely be a Kinetic. It has soul.
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    Re: Is the quartz taboo slipping away - ?

    Ha, I don't think you'll get an objective answer here! The mere mention of the word, "quartz" to a watch snob, is kinda like waving a red cape in front of a bull! Their incessant need for "oneupmanship" is driven by their self doubt of having vastly overpaid for timepieces that essentially do the same thing! I don't begrudge their love of fine timepieces, just their need to belittle anyone not spending the price of a car on a watch. A quartz watch after all, has many advantages over a mechanical, whether they want to admit it or not.

    Anyway, the honest, short answer to your question is NO for expensive luxury watches and YES for moderately priced ones. But, perhaps the better question is, "has the over-priced mechanical watch trend finally run its course?"

    The Swiss Luxury brands you speak of never really discontinued quartz models, always keeping a toe in the water. But there are less and less in the over $1,000 category. Hi-end customers aren’t going to spend that much on a quartz watch these days, and are even getting hesitant to spend it on a mechanical. (Honestly, besides the brand name, how much difference is there between a $500 watch and a $2,5000 these days?) Generally speaking, it is still true that mechanical watches dominate the high end, while quartz watches dominate the low end, HAQ niche being an exception. But the rise of the smart watch and shifting demographics are certainly leading to greater acceptance of all electronic watches, and causing people to downgrade the price they're willing to pay for one that just tells the time. I think that trend benefits quartz and hurts mechanicals.

    Although you may find the idea of a traditional looking watch with a modern quartz movement odd, I assure you that the average Millennial does not. They consider all technology made before they were born to be ancient. They will make no differentiation between movements, only price, which must be lower than the cost of the average smart watch, say $300. This puts a Swiss mechanical out of consideration. Many Millennials also don't get the idea that a watch must be wound and reset periodically, so may not even consider a low-priced Asian mechanical. Unable to compete, the Swiss got chased out of the quartz market decades ago, only to flourish with mechanicals. But, as prices have gotten ridiculous, that market has reached a saturation point. So, we may start to see some of them start pushing quartz to get sales moving again. Who knows, might we even see some very prestiqious names competing at some pretty low price points. How refreshing would that be?
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    Re: Is the quartz taboo slipping away - ?

    Quote Originally Posted by P.C. View Post
    I've never been that interested in quartz watches that still mimic the look of a classic mechanical watch.
    Surely the main reason those watches look like they do ....with hour and minute hand etc is because of the nature of those early pioneering mechanical designs.

    So I really like quartz when used with digital display's such as the new all metal Casio square g shock or in a lot of the classic well built 1970s led/lcd designs.
    As it's a unique look and a good example of form following function.
    Wait until your eyes get as old as mine. You’ll change your mind about digital.

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    Grand Seiko seems to make some really nice quartz watches, would love to see them in the metal one day. Perhaps the perfect souvenir from a trip to Japan some day...
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