quartz watch behaving erratically
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Thread: quartz watch behaving erratically

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    quartz watch behaving erratically

    Just my luck. I have 3 watches. My Longines auto is at an authorized repair centre for gaining minutes a day (made a thread about it).
    Now my Victorinox Classic Chrono is acting up!

    Basically since I've been wearing my Victorinox Chrono quartz, it randomly loses up to a half hour a day! I think this has got to me being negligent and setting it for the wrong time, right?

    So I kept re-setting it, thinking I'm insane. Then I caught it. I looked at my watch a few minutes ago and it showed it at 11:05 when it was 11:40. Then I saw the seconds hand. It was still for 3 seconds. Then it ticked backwards and then ticked once forwards. So I was losing about 4-5 seconds for every 1 tick. Then I pulled the crown to stop the time, and pushed it back in. It was fine and started ticking normally again.

    It was fine for an entire 24 hours and then suddenly started acting weird. I have never changed the battery on this watch though. Should I get it changed? Or is this a sign of the movement being screwy? I was under the impression that a run-down battery would tick once every 5 seconds but keep the correct time?

    Now I'm wearing my Seiko that I've had since I was 14, beat up looking, the only watch I have that works right now!

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    Re: quartz watch behaving erratically

    Post a photo of the Seiko. This will be your testament to the quality of the Seiko brand.
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    Re: quartz watch behaving erratically

    Sounds like a dead battery to me. I see this sort of behavior on dying wall clocks sometimes.
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    Re: quartz watch behaving erratically

    Quote Originally Posted by CitizenM View Post
    Sounds like a dead battery to me. I see this sort of behavior on dying wall clocks sometimes.


    Change battery, reset it and pray, that's all you could do to a quartz movement :P
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    Re: quartz watch behaving erratically

    I had issues with my TAG quartz randomly deciding when it wanted to keep time, this was occurring about 6 months after I'd had the battery replaced by the dealer. Apparently it needed a service, possibly a dodgey connection somewhere or something..not sure..but it was free and its worked perfectly ever since.
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    Re: quartz watch behaving erratically

    Yes replace the battery but be sure to confirm that it is the correct size. Don't just replace what is in there. Follow the owners instructions for resetting if that step is needed. And also be sure to clean the battery electrical contacts. Because the seconds hand is driven by a stepper motor it would be very unusual for one to run backwards. Were you using any of the chrono controls or otherwise fiddling when that happened?

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