Question about friction pins/sleeves

Thread: Question about friction pins/sleeves

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    Question about friction pins/sleeves

    Just curious, are friction pins & sleeves different for every watch (assuming the bands are the same width; i.e. 20mm, 22mm, etc.), or are they standard parts that are interchangable? :thanks

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    Re: Question about friction pins/sleeves

    Different pins sizes depending on the lug width. While sometimes it is possible to interchange sizes that are close, they won't work at their optimal level...

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    Re: Question about friction pins/sleeves

    seiko uses some on there bracelets that consist of 2 barrels and a friction pin. Omega has some with a friction pin and one long barrel. so I couldn't see them being interchangeable.

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    Re: Question about friction pins/sleeves

    I had to have my friction pin replaced in my Seiko after I managed to break it about 2 months ago. It was WAY more expensive than I would have liked, costing $24 for 3 minutes work. The guy at the watch repair shop stated that for some reason Seiko charges them an arm and a leg for the pins and sleeves.


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    Re: Question about friction pins/sleeves

    If ONLY they were interchangeable!

    I have a vast assortment of various OEM pins and sleeves and still only manage to have the right ones for less than half the watches that come in for a new one.
    Off the top of my head, there are 7 different specific designs, and each one will have many different lengths and thicknesses.
    Omega & Longines are near the top of list for extortionate pricing, Japanese brands cheaper, but I have to buy them in sets (and probably never need the spare ones I had to buy).
    The Omega Constellation bracelet pins & sleeves are renowned for losing their tension and because the bracelet is tapered there are many different lengths required to restore the band to safe wearable condition. Costs a bundle to do and I would make far more for my time spent doing other repairs.
    The most ridiculous pricing (except for the very top brands) are the very small spring bars in the centre of Tag deployant clasps. They are thinner than anyone elses, only about 7mm long and in Oz they cost A$8.00 each plus $10.00 pack & post.
    So when your watchmaker says that simple parts cost a ridiculous amount, please don't assume he is overcharging.

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