Question about the Swatch Group and ETA/Valjoux

Thread: Question about the Swatch Group and ETA/Valjoux

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    Question about the Swatch Group and ETA/Valjoux

    First off, are the "guts" of all Swatch Group watches provided by ETA/Valjoux? From what I've read it appears ETA manufactures the movements for these watches, and some companies modify them a bit for their brands. If this is true, then is it true that mechanically Omega, Hamilton, Rado, Longines, Tissot are the same or similar? In which case the price difference in these brands would be from their casings, sapphires, bracelet material and quality, advertising costs, etc?

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    Re: Question about the Swatch Group and ETA/Valjoux

    Valjoux was bought over by ETA a few years back, so ETA is the big movement behemoth within the Swatch Group. The price differences in the watches that you've mentioned is due to various reasons -
    1) Branding/brand positioning (advertising also factors into this ... and, emphasizing the history of the brand),
    2) Number of watches produced/economy of scale/exclusivity,
    2) R&D budget/patents/innovation,
    3) Materials used/fit & finish and quality of externals (case, hands, crystal, bracelet, etc.),
    4) Movement finish/decoration and modifications.

    There might be others I'm missing ...
    A few of this and some of the other ...

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    Re: Question about the Swatch Group and ETA/Valjoux

    There are also grades of movements.

    Don't believe all 2824-2s are the same. A Top grade will perform better than a Standard grade all day...
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    Re: Question about the Swatch Group and ETA/Valjoux

    Swatch Group positioned the brands in segments, so inside a segment the quality is really comparable. Example - Tissot, Mido, Hamilton, Certina are of same segment, Rado and Longines - in another, Omega and Breguet in another. This doesn't mean, that a certain Tissot model is incomparable with Longines model for example.
    Some very high-end makers don't put the ETA movements "of the shelf" directly in their watches - for example Omega is making big reworks on ETA 2892 making Omega 1120 or co-axial Omega 2500.

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    Re: Question about the Swatch Group and ETA/Valjoux

    Swatch Group

    Collectively, the Swatch Group’s nineteen watch brands address all segments of the market. Each brand carries its own distinct cachet, and each positions its products to appeal to different and complementary audiences.

    Swatch Group watch brands

    Prestige and Luxury Range: Breguet, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jaquet Droz, Léon Hatot, Omega, Tiffany & Co.;
    High Range: Longines, Rado, Union Glashütte;
    Middle Range: Tissot, ck watch & jewelry, Balmain, Certina, Mido, Hamilton;
    Basic Range: Swatch, Flik Flak;
    Private label: Endura.

    The quality and range of movements in a certain segment is quite comparable. However you will not find a GO movement used in another segment. UNION watches are fitted with ETA movements but those movements are "finalised" in Glashütte in order to have the right to put "Made in Glashütte" on the dial.
    However - You will most likely find the same grade ETA 2824-2 in a Longinges as well as in a Tissot.
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