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    Question about watch repairs

    Are some watch repairs simple to learn? I only ask because I am fairly new to watch collecting and new to this forum and I am tired of going to the watch store at my local mall. The kids that work at this store are morons I've gotten my watch sized twice there and it's still screwed up and doesn't fit to my liking. So is it easy for oneself to size a watch even if they are inexperienced? Also are their other easy watch repairs to learn? I apologize if this is I'n the wrong forum and if their are stickies for this info I would greatly appreciate a link! :) Thanks

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    Re: Question about watch repairs

    Hi, FB. Welcome to WUS. Sizing is easy when u have the right tools. I bought me a cheap set of tool couple of years back n taught myself some simple stuff like changing of straps n battery. If u research a bit more,u'll also find that regulating movement n removing of movement to clean the crystal on the inside quite easy too. If u r going to be collecting watches,u'll want to have some basic watch tools to save u the trouble of taking it to a jeweller for the littlest of things. N with practice,u'll be quite the expert yourself.

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    Re: Question about watch repairs

    FireBlazed, I'm in the same boat. I've always liked watches, but just now am getting into more depth. Changing straps and battery replacement is easy, usually with just a small screwdriver. But now I need to repair the crown stem on a watch, and am scared I might seriously screw it up if I try to fix it myself.

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