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    Question/Myth Buster?

    Day in and day out we all see ppl. getting new watches which are too fast or too slow and the standard refrain is "Give it (insert time frame here) and it will settle in closer".
    Now my question is, given this, how does one explain my experience with my 2 Damasko watches?
    From new, straight out of the box from the manufacturer or A. D., they are both within 2 seconds per 24 hrs., often much closer if that's possible.
    This is with no special coddling, on a winder for weeks perhaps, in my locker at work for a full shift, just day in and out, near spot on.
    I'm not posting this as a Damasko raver, though I surely am one,(for the money , personally I see none better), just wondering how it's done?
    "Time is the school in which we learn. Time is the fire in which we burn."

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    Re: Question/Myth Buster?

    Well, I think it has a lot to do with the service you get but you can´t see when buying a watch. There are some brands investing a lot of time in pre-regulating a watch. For example: NOMOS. Here´s a pic of one of their watch movers where they check the accuracy of their movements.

    Other brands do not invest that time and that manpower.

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    Re: Question/Myth Buster?

    Hey I need one of those!
    Rotating on my wrist this month: Stowa Blue WatchTime Flieger, Sinn EZM9, Sinn T1, Sinn 556 Blue, Stowa Antea LE Polish Forums, Stowa Verus 40, Damasko DS30 greenie, Sinn U1, Stowa Antea Klassik KS Rose, Nomos Tangente Silvercut

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    Re: Question/Myth Buster?

    2699,99 Euro ans this is yours:

    pics courtesy of MTE

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