Questions On The Evolution Of What "Strong Watch" Means...
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Thread: Questions On The Evolution Of What "Strong Watch" Means...

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    Questions On The Evolution Of What "Strong Watch" Means...

    The basic train of thought that made me create this thread is based around a thought I had while watching the movie Apocalypse Now.

    For those who haven't seen it, it's about an Army special ops captain who is tasked with assassinating a rogue colonel who has become the leader of a violent tribe in Cambodia during the Vietnam war. (Check it out if you haven't, it's a good movie)

    Anyways, the main character wears a classic Seiko diver 6105. I've read that watch choice is a true to life one and that Seiko divers were a popular choice among U.S. soldiers in Vietnam.

    What's interesting to me is that, as time has moved on and on, and technology has advanced, watches such as that classic Seiko became seen as less of a tool watch and more of a relic. Nowadays, military personel generally wear a G Shock or Ironman in the field.

    I've seen topics on this and different forums where a person will ask "What watch should I take on my deployment/basic training, ect." and more often than not people will post something along the lines of "You need a G shock or some other digital. An analog with get destroyed out there fast."

    It's just interesting to me that as technology has advanced, the appraisal of the tool from yesterday has gone down, rather than the new tool's appraisal just being higher than the predecessor. Almost as if to say, "You need a nail gun. That hammer just will not do the job well enough."

    For instance, just because this

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    exists, does that make this

    Name:  Citizen-Bn0000-04h-Stainless-Steel-Watch_1_119_0_2.jpg
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    less effective?

    From what I've read, a simple, stainless steel diver worked for the soldiers of Vietnam.

    I know this comes across as more of a ramble than a conversation piece, but it's just something that crossed my mind haha.

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    Re: Questions On The Evolution Of What "Strong Watch" Means...

    Interesting POV,though I still think that SS diver like SKX007 and the likes will still survive the abuse,after all back in the days Rolex,Panerai,Blancpain were used as soldiers' watch

    However the newer technology of a Gshock made the watch that is actually indestructible,I read in one of the watch magazine that Mudman 9000 survived being frozen,boiled,thrown from several storeys high,being run over by a heavy vehicle...if that happens to my watch,I'd be more concern to the body part that is attached to the said watch

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    Re: Questions On The Evolution Of What "Strong Watch" Means...

    I have a feeling the move from mechanical (even rugged ones like those old seikos) to G-shocks and the like is more price driven. My dad was an infantry lieutenant in Vietnam back in 1970. He wore a Seiko because it was durable and wasn't too expensive. If the thing got busted and had to be tossed, then no big deal. For a 25 year old solider, he had other monetary priorities. Now, with G-shocks for a couple hundred dollars, today's military members can buy something they don't ever have to worry about. While mechanical can take the abuse G-shocks are just more durable. They don't have to worry a watch losing too much time from excessive shock or magnetization. True ease of mind and if it does break, but a new one for a couple hundo.

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