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    Rado Diastar 1

    I received this watch as a gift from my father years ago.

    I believe it says Diastar 1 on the rear case, but it is extremely faded. doesn't look like there are any other markings.
    can any experts give me some info on this watch?

    It is in desperate need of servicing and need a new face and hands if I am able to locate identical ones.
    any info on what it may be worth, if anything at all?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Rado Diastar 1

    Hello there!

    Well, as the dial says, the watch is a Rado Diastar. Rado launched the model series in 1962, and after that there have been a huge load of different dial designs. The most interesting part of the Diastar is the fact that the case is made of tungsten, a metal that is very hard to scratch. You can say that the Diastar was the first "scratch-proof" wristwatch ever made.

    I have always loved the design. Rado still manufactures them under the name Rado Original. They offer some models with the old case design but most of them come with slightly bigger modernized cases. Check them out here Rado (scroll down for the Original models).

    IMO you should have the watch serviced. But please do not have the hands or dial replaced. A good watchmaker can clean those, if necessary. Judging by those pics they only seem to have some nice patina, but I can't be absolutely sure. Because the case is made of hardmetal it only needs some cleaning. The bracelet (Is that original, btw?) can be polished/brushed.

    You can read more about rado here (in German and English): Mission RADO ...

    Good luck with the process, whatever you decide to do with it!
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    Re: Rado Diastar 1

    Yes, that is a Diastar 1. There are many, many versions of the Diastar, but this is close to the original model. Probably dates to the mid 60s. The dial is based on the original Diastar, but this one has a faceted crystal (unlike the original, which had the flat crystal).

    The bracelet is not original - this would have come with a NSA band, which can cost as much as the watch to replace! But they can be found on eBay if you want to restore it.

    The dial and hands are a different story....replacement parts are very hard to come by. Sometimes hey can be found, again on eBay, but finding the exact fit is important. You would need a Diastar 1 dial, as subsequent diastars use different movements and may not fit (this is a AS movement, while later versions use an ETA).

    I would have it serviced, and enjoy it. Maybe replace the bracelet over time, and if a dial pops up grab it....otherwise with a little TLV, it will be good to go!
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    Re: Rado Diastar 1

    thanks for your input. my father got this watch used I believe when he first moved to England in the 60's. I would really love to have it restored to give it back to him. I like the idea of trying to find someone who can clean up the dial and hands rather than replacing them.

    I had no clue that wasn't the original band, will have check out what the original looks like.

    any recommendations on someone who is capable of restoring this watch at a reasonable price?

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