Rant on pics in sale theads
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Thread: Rant on pics in sale theads

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    Rant on pics in sale theads

    I understand that not all WIS's have expensive photography equipment.
    I understand that cell phones don't always take high res pictures.
    I understand that lighting conditions affect exposure and colour.

    What I don't understand are the following:

    1) Poster states, "bezel has minor marks" and then takes close-ups of the back of the watch, buckle, strap, crown, but the pic of the watch face looks like the poster stood on a chair and laid the watch on the carpet. Come on, if you feel the need to mention a flaw, for heaven's sake include a picture of it.

    2) Poster states watch is in "mint", "LNIB", "excellent condition", and then posts scanning electron microscope pics of the watch showing the steel's grain structure, along with enough damage to the case/bezel etc to make you think the watch was dragged for miles behind a car.

    3) Poster mentions some flaws, then provides clear, sharp, in-focus pics of every part of the watch except the area with flaws, which is unaccountably blurred

    4) Poster has seven pics of the box, papers, COSC certificate, original packing foam, but only one pic of the watch, usually in box with papers strewn wide, so that the dime-sized watch can be explained by trying to show the accessories in the pic.

    5) Poster has detailed list of 8 items included in sale, but pics of only 7 items.

    6) Poster has dealer pic of watch, not matching watch description lol

    7) Poster has great lighting on all pics of watch except the side of the watch with a ding/scratch/desk diver marks, which was taken at midnight inside a closet

    Ok, rant over, let's hear your pet peeves of Sales post pictures.
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    Re: Rant on pics in sale theads

    You do realize these complaints would apply just as easily to ebay or Craigslist. I think most people simply don't know how important visual presentation is to a sale.

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    Re: Rant on pics in sale theads

    Those kinds of things are typically (but not always) red flags to me.
    They can indicate either purposely deceptive listings, or a lack of attention to detail. In either case, what you might expect to receive, vs what's being offered, may be two different things.

    While it can be annoying when the seller is offering a specific piece that you are after, these kinds of listings can be a crapshoot, IME.

    Unless it's a relatively inexpensive piece, it's often best to just move on. Again, IME.

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    Rant on pics in sale theads

    I'd suggest just moving on and not let this bother you so much. If it's truly a watch you are interested in, ask for pictures of what you want to see. Not everyone here understands that a good picture along with an accurate description will help sell the watch. A watch is not particularly easy to photograph and the occasional seller may not know how to take good pictures. This is a large forum and a lot of sale postings and unless you are suggesting that the forum start policing what you feel are inappropriate postings then don't expect things to change.
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    Re: Rant on pics in sale theads

    I think the OP has a good point. I'm not sure how some people expect to sell a watch with the pictures they use. It seems like most people believe their watch is mint condition even if the pictures tell a different story.

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    Re: Rant on pics in sale theads

    Saying "this is the best I could do," when it's clearly not. Is the background in focus but the watch isn't? You can correct that (either by selecting a focal point on your camera, or just moving the camera away from the watch!) Is it blurry? Turn on a light; hold the camera steady; take your picture outside! Is it microscopic sized? Check your camera settings!

    I'm much more willing to forgive someone who admits they don't know their camera (even if it's a cell phone camera) than just say "this is as good as it's gonna get. so there."

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    Rant on pics in sale theads

    How about no pictures in the add at all!
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    Re: Rant on pics in sale theads

    Either they're scammers, they're trying to hide defects or they're honest but terrible salespeople. Either way walk away.

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    Re: Rant on pics in sale theads

    Quote Originally Posted by AFG08 View Post
    If it's truly a watch you are interested in, ask for pictures of what you want to see. Not everyone here understands that a good picture along with an accurate description will help sell the watch. A watch is not particularly easy to photograph and the occasional seller may not know how to take good pictures.
    What he said
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    Re: Rant on pics in sale theads

    Such sellers aren't doing themselves any favors (whatever the reason for the shortcomings in a sales post) and since there's always another watch around the corner, I'd rather wait till I come across a situation I'm more comfortable with.
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