Rare Watches
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Thread: Rare Watches

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    Rare Watches

    There are so many "rare" watches listed in the sale section. I can't help to think the definition of a for sale rare watch is - a watch that wasnt a great seller so the company stop production.

    Maybe other WUS'er have a better definition of what a rare for sale watch is.
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    Re: Rare Watches

    Or when it comes to watches for sale, 'rare' usually means you did a quick search on Google and didn't find anything that looked similar
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    Re: Rare Watches

    rare in context of meat is somewhat easy to define.
    rare in context of watches is meaningless

    Dufour Simplicity is rare, because volume is very limited, each is handcrafted and price is very high

    JLC Reverso from 1931 is rare, because vintage watches in good condition are rarely to be found

    JLC Reverso 1931 Tribute green (London) LE is rare because LE had just 26 produced
    Credor Eichii II is rare with annual production of 20

    Some POS from Ali-poopress is rare because hardly anyone buys them and they rarely survive few mos.

    And to a normal person almost any watch is rare, as people have bare wrists and iWatches.

    So "rare" in watch world is very subjective, based on perspective of the audience, and often meaningless in context of sales description
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    Re: Rare Watches

    There are in fact many rare and possibly one-of watches to choose from. Ebay has plenty of 1950's and 1960's watches from defunct brands of which there are few if any duplicates. There has to be demand for a rare watch to also have value. Best advice is to ignore the hyperbolic verbiage and look at the facts. Do some research and ask detailed questions. And most of all decide whether you would like and wear the watch.
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    Re: Rare Watches

    Some of the so listed "rare" watches are humorous and, in some cases (pun intended), are effective in selling to folks not nearly as informed as this merry band (on a roll).

    I guess "rare" can be reflective of number made or how often a watch is found for sale. If I see a watch for sale I like, I simply just do my homework like most and if it truly is rare, all the better. Those of us perpetually in the hunt have a pretty good idea of a "rare" watch when we see one.

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    Re: Rare Watches

    Rare in sale section is often sign of greed and inability to state something meaningful. So nothing to worry about it.
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    It's just seller psychology. The cappier, harder and less desirable a piece is to sell, the more superlative adjectives the seller uses, believing it endows the ad with allure. If the less desired piece isn't "rare" ... it's beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, highly sought, the seller's favorite piece, being sold with regret, etc.

    This opposes highly desired pieces that need no introduction, just the facts.

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    Re: Rare Watches

    I define rare watch in a couple ways:
    -Limited edition
    -Discontinued and don't find for sale often
    -Old watches that may have been plentiful, but show no wear.
    -Throw away watches that still work or have been taken care of.

    I am sure that the rare watches I am looking for were purchased by people who kept them around until they needed to be serviced, and just threw them in a junk drawer. Not may people hold on to $100 watches thinking they are going to be worth anything some day.

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    Re: Rare Watches

    Forget rare. I'm looking for extremely rare. Or my grail, pristinely rare.
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    Re: Rare Watches

    Sometimes rare means "only a tiny number of this particular configuration made." The ALS Homage to Walter Lange is unique, IIRC, for both a special jumping seconds complication, and for being in steel...practically all Langes are in precious metal. There's like 2 Lange 1's in steel in existence. Patek's known to have a fair number of configurations like that, where watch model A in case material B with dial color C was only done a handful of times. There are unusual Rolexes with Arabic numbers and sometimes a national crest; these often fetch a premium, altho those features tend to have a more specific appeal.

    There are custom orders, such as the Rolex Bao Dai...triple calendar, moonphase, black dial, with 5 diamond indices. One-offs are made for the Only Watch auction, too.

    Technically, I have a such a watch. I have a Vapaus Veli 1950, emerald green...8 made. And Vapaus promised to NOT do that dial color ever again. It's a nice piece and well done, but it's still a Sellita 200 in a steel case. Yes, the green's gonna be a premium over other versions, but heck, I don't ever see it going for a 5 digit price.

    Heck, there's rare because they are exceptionally exotic. Something like a full Westminster carillon minute repeater with a tourbillon, will run ya 7 figures. How many of these are made a year? From any one brand, I betcha I can count em without taking my shoes off.

    But yeah, for the most part, "rare" is grossly overused, and it's just a buzzword to try to stir up interest. Or worse...it actually *is* rare because it's a Frankenwatch. AKA, fake. Probably doesn't happen that often here; does happen periodically on fleaBay.

    Rule #1:

    Buy the buyer before you buy the item!!!

    In this context, "rare" is a mild yellow flag. If the seller overuses it on his listings, it's a strong yellow flag. If you KNOW he's misusing it, it's a red flag. If he's misusing it quite a bit...forget it. PASS on the seller.
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