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    Raymond Weil Maestro Auto Small Second

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm in the market for my first automatic and I've absolutely fallen in love with the look of the Raymond Weil Maestro Small Second. Unfortunately, I have a pretty big wrist (7.5ish, don't have anything to measure with any more exact accuracy) and it just swallows up the 39mm face. Does anyone know of another watch that comes close to this look in a 41-42mm in the same general price range (preferably <1200)? I dont get hung up too much on the brand name, so I am open to smaller manufacturers so long as they are using a quality movement - the main things im looking at are:

    1) Black or dark brown croco band
    2) White or light silver face
    3) Preferably Roman numerals
    4) Single chronograph
    5) Date
    6) Blue hands
    7) 41-42mm

    I know I've restricted this a lot, but I have looked at a TON of watches in the past weeks and months and have narrowed it down very specifically. The Archimede Deckwatch Hand Wound is the closest I have found, except that it does not have the date and it is hand wound - to each their own, but I would much prefer to have a self-winding automatic.

    Any help you guys could give is really, really appreciated.

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    Re: Raymond Weil Maestro Auto Small Second

    The first two don't have date, but all of them otherwise fit the bill and would be excellent choices.

    Steinhart Marine Roman:

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    Stowa MO Roman:

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    And my favorite: Frederique Constant Classic Manufacture (in house movement)

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    Re: Raymond Weil Maestro Auto Small Second

    As mentioned by the Tide fan, Frederique Constant offerings and Stowa Marine Original are the best alternatives to the RW that come to mind. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
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