Recommend a His/Hers watch combo...ideas???

Thread: Recommend a His/Hers watch combo...ideas???

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    Recommend a His/Hers watch combo...ideas???

    Hi all,

    Well, for an anniversary gift I'm looking to get a his/hers watch combo that will go well together for me and the lady. I'd like to get a pair that we can wear to our jobs and not worry if they get some hard use (nothing major, but a durable watch would do the job). She likes my taste in watches, and I like dive, pilot, and military watches the best. I'm not really into chronos.

    What I'd like to have in the watches:
    -durable & reliable
    -simple yet good looking (of course)
    -for our jobs and the sake of variety, they should look good on NATO/Zulu/Bond straps
    -I'd like to keep the pair under $700 total.

    Some ideas:
    1. Maratac Big & Mid pilots--It seems that CountyComm is out of both, and not sure if the Mid is going to come back..?

    2. Hager Commando & Lady Commando--I sent Hager an email yesterday about the Lady Commando, haven't heard back yet...

    3. Seiko SKX 007 & SKX 013--Long Island Watch is out of the 013 until they clear customs. This seams about as ideal a pair as I could get that would meet our needs in a watch.

    What are your ideas?
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    Re: Recommend a His/Hers watch combo...ideas???

    If I was being candid I would say to avoid it. Seems a bit tasteless.

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    Re: Recommend a His/Hers watch combo...ideas???

    Spend the $700 on her.
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    Re: Recommend a His/Hers watch combo...ideas???

    Good lord, he wasn't asking for opinions.....

    anywho, how about an Orient Mako and Ms. Diver? They aren't exactly the same, but pretty close. They will also come in way under budget for you.
    Ms. Diver


    Edit: Sorry, The Ms. Diver is a quartz...back to the drawing board.
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    Re: Recommend a His/Hers watch combo...ideas???

    Check out Orient Star. They have some lovely models on both sizes. Sorry, can't put pictures from a tablet

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    Recommend a His/Hers watch combo...ideas???

    I've always liked this idea actually. Hamilton has any number of his and hers sized models in the lineup. Especially in the jazzmaster/viewmatic line. $700, however might stretch a little (certainly with Hamilton, you'd likely be around 9). My experience is that it is far harder to get a decent discount on a hers.

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