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Thread: Recommend my next timepiece!

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    Recommend my next timepiece!

    Hello WUS

    Been saving a fair bit of money and decided to drop it on a new wristwatch. Looking for a watch anywhere between the $500 to $1500 range (can stretch if it's worth it). I'm out for a watch that is subtle, respectable, enjoyable to view and wear - that watch you wear to the office tastefully. My wrists are narrow at 6.25" and the best watches that fit me are sadly only the ones 37mm and below. If it gives you any idea, my grail watch is a Rolex Explorer I which may rest in peace since they turned it into 39mm bling.

    Bullets for ease
    - handwind or auto
    - 37mm and below
    - or 45mm lug to lug max
    (pulled off bigger watches but won't risk it on something I haven't tried on)
    - dress and tool watch styling not much into sports watches
    - handsome all-occasion dial
    - thin
    - reputable watchmaker

    Currently own an Oris Classic and a vintage Omega Seamaster.
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    Re: Recommend my next timepiece!

    You could get exactly what you want in the vintage market. A vintage Breitling, Zenith or Rolex could all be had in your price range, (and Omega, but I see you already have one)

    For new, check out Archimede, they make some good 36mm models. Can't go wrong with a Nomos in my opinion.
    Good Luck,

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    Re: Recommend my next timepiece!

    If you can find one, the Tag Heuer Carrera midsize looks similar to your grail and measures 36mm.

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    Re: Recommend my next timepiece!

    Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Auto. Kinda pushes it with the size but it's a very classy, elegant piece. Some in the Nomos line may fit the bill. Look into the Orion or Ludwig, but they may be outta the price range

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    Re: Recommend my next timepiece!

    NOMOS Club 36mm - perfectly elegant, within budget.

    Sinn 556 I - a little sportier, and bigger, with a bracelet.

    Can't go wrong with these.
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    Re: Recommend my next timepiece!

    +1 on Nomos. Classic bauhaus styling, in-house movement, in a size that is right in your wheelhouse. Tremendous value makes this a no brainer. Check out German ebay for preowned options, these don't often show up preowned at realistic prices in North America (or outside of Germany for that matter) that often.
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    Re: Recommend my next timepiece!

    One of the best deals available. Well in budget, 37mm exactly, 10.80mm nicely domed, but a mite long (lug-to-lug 46.9mm) made by Stowa based on on classic Stowa design. Now available in a stunning white also. (BTW, I totally agree with you about the new Explorer, a real shame.)

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    Re: Recommend my next timepiece!

    Anything from the incredible town of Glasshute.
    e.g. Nomos in your price range.

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    Re: Recommend my next timepiece!

    with respects the the posters above, all but ONE Nomos fits the OP's range. tt is the Club with stainless steel back. and i doubt ull wanna get a stainless steel back for a beauty of a movement like theirs.

    IF the OP is willing to stretch his budget to around 1.8k then he will be opening up many more options from Nomos.

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    Re: Recommend my next timepiece!

    +1 for nomos.. they are gorgeous timepieces

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