Rectangular Cyclops magnifier,where to find.

Thread: Rectangular Cyclops magnifier,where to find.

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    Rectangular Cyclops magnifier,where to find.

    Hi everyone.....
    I've gone thru this post,to no avail about a year ago.
    It's time to do it again.
    I know they are out there somewhere.....
    I need to know where to purchase the rectangular magnifier,like what would fit over the Day/Date model watches...
    I knew I had seen them before in photos,but couldn't remember on which brand of watch..
    This time at least I do have a photo....
    So ya see I aint just making this stuff up.

    If anyone knows where I can order like what you see on this watch,please let me know...
    This isn't a pitch for Omega...I doubt what's in the photo is original factory..
    By the way...this Omega..(and it looks wonderful) is on the site.
    It is a Buy It Now for $750 US........
    Thats a big time steal,if this isn't a fake......
    But I want to know about finding that magnifier.......
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