Relative Noob here, some advice needed. (Image heavy)

Thread: Relative Noob here, some advice needed. (Image heavy)

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    Relative Noob here, some advice needed. (Image heavy)

    So, I've been collecting for about a year or so, since the jewelry/antique shop I work in acquired a watchmaker's estate and I got my hands on a few gems (and caught the bug). Here's what I've currently got:

    Seiko Bellmatic Alarm

    Movado Bumper Wind

    Bulova GF Tank Watch

    Paul Breguette SS

    Zodiac automatic
    (no pics ATM)

    Wittau chrono (the e-bay listing claims a VAL7750, but I am suspect.

    and finally a W.O.W. mb microtec H3 watch (Code Blue).

    Now, on to the questions:

    I'm going to be graduating college in a little less than a year, and I'd like to get a watch instead of a class ring. I'm more likely to wear and keep a watch for a long period of time than a ring, and I think it'd be a nicer thing to pass on than a ring.

    I'm probably going to be looking around $1000-1500. Right now I'm thinking the hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chrono.

    I'm open to other suggestions. I'm going to be a Mechanical Engineer, so a tool watch is acceptable. I'd prefer a chrono.

    Also, I'd like to have the back engraved to commemorate my graduation, has anyone here ever had a sapphire back laser engraved? Is that possible?

    and finally: I'm very intrigued by the Hamilton Frogman auto chrono.

    Anyone have one of these? Does the lack of a constant second bother you? Whats with the little magnifier windows that are only on some of the ones I've seen. Are they removable? are the buttons easy to press/ access? I can't decide if I like it or not.



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    welcome here!

    IMO a graduation gift should be a longlasting, never sold or given away, watch.
    I also think it should be special, remind you of your achievement and goals, be wearable in most situations, and durable.
    I'd "table" hamilton for a subsequent purchase, even though there's nothing wrong with them, I just think there are "better" more special and unique quality pieces.
    Oris, Sinn, Stowa, Ocean7, Omega, damasko.
    good luck whatever you choose.

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    Re: Relative Noob here, some advice needed. (Image heavy)

    Nice collection you have! I like the Bulova GF in particular.

    Regarding the watch for a grad gift I personally think the Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chrono is a good choice, especially considering your budget and preference for a chrono. Looks great on both bracelet and strap, and with its military yet elegant looks it makes for a versatile and attractive piece. Good luck with your decision!

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    Re: welcome here!

    I agree completely and recommend several of the same brands as jhamlin - Sinn, Oris, Stowa. You can pick up some of these brands right here for a fraction of the new purchase price.

    Good luck and you have some very nice vintage watches.

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