To remove or not to remove? (Stickers)
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Thread: To remove or not to remove? (Stickers)

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    To remove or not to remove? (Stickers)

    Hi all... i know there are lots of posts on this, but, usually they are for the back stickers.. what I'm referring to now, is the full case stickers..

    I recently got my Ultimate Holy Grail.. and surprisingly the AD did not remove the stickers.. I've been using it since, with the stickers still on.. will it cause any long term damage? The case is full pure solid 18k rose gold..

    Since it comes with deployant, i tend to let it rest crown up, so i think the stickers will serve as a protection layer for the case.. what do you all think? Anyone does the same as me?

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    Re: To remove or not to remove? (Stickers)

    Doesn't it look just plain horrible with the stickers on?
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    Re: To remove or not to remove? (Stickers)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bradjhomes View Post
    Doesn't it look just plain horrible with the stickers on?

    The edges will collect dirt like crazy.

    Some people do it tho, like it makes the watch more legit or something but come on! If they can fake a whole watch, what more a sticker? Also true with papers tho haha

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    Re: To remove or not to remove? (Stickers)

    Remove the stickers!
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    Re: To remove or not to remove? (Stickers)

    peel the sticker and stick it to a sticky note and stick it with the box and stuff where ever you stuck them.
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    Re: To remove or not to remove? (Stickers)

    Do you leave the tags on your clothing, too?

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    Re: To remove or not to remove? (Stickers)

    Why not wearing just stickers then.

    It‘s like wearing a Bonto Brerai Budapester with....

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    Re: To remove or not to remove? (Stickers)

    That's whack. Take the stickers off.
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    Re: To remove or not to remove? (Stickers)

    Seriously? Remove the stickers. They are not part of the watch.

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    Yea.. i think i should.. i usally do for my other watches.. lol..

    Can't really see the stickers actually, except for the barcode side..

    Btw, this is the watch..

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