Repaired it winding properly?

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    Repaired it winding properly?

    I bought a U-Boat Classico watch brand new 3 months ago.
    Experienced a problem with the crown whereby it fell out when you pulled it out to change date/time.

    I wanted a refund but was told by Selfridges that this was not possible, so it seemed like I had no choice other than to send it in to U-Boat UK.
    They diagonosed the problem as "needing a new crown". This was done and then returned to me.

    However, two weeks later, the exact same problem occured again when I went to change the date on my watch the crown fell out completely with minimal pressure.

    Took it back to Selfridges and insisted on a replacement/refund as this clearly was a manufcaturer's fault.
    They sent the watch to U-Boat who claimed the problem was caused by the spring and bolt from the crown guard, they said this was not a manufacuter's fault since these areexternal parts??! wtf
    Anyway, they repaired the crown stem and also fitted new parts for the crown guard.

    I wasn't happy, but again felt I had no choice as they had already started on the watch by the time Selfridges sent me an email to notify me of the findings.

    Got my watch back last week.
    The problem with the crown falling out seems to have been fixed, and I'm now able to pull it out two notches without it falling out.


    When winding the watch, I am able to wind the crown about three or four turns, but after this it just sends the rotor spinning round and round.

    This is hard for me to explain, but usually when I wind a watch the rotor doesn't really spin around, it moves, and at most 90 degrees.

    With my U-Boat, I'll wind it 3 or 4 times then on the 5th turn it doesn't feel like I'm winding the movement, and it instead makes the rotor spin round 360 degrees. From this point onwards, one turn on the crown makes the rotor spin round about 4-5 times.

    Is this normal? I didn't have this happen before but could it be due to new parts being fitted to the watch??!

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    Re: Repaired it winding properly?

    I had a similar problem with my Breitling Colt Superocean that I had serviced at an AD 6-8 months ago. After the service all worked just fine but after maybe two weeks the watch developed a symptom like yours. First it was maybe every other time, but after a day or two it was everytime I attempted to manually wind the watch (It's an automatic but it had run down) it just sent the rotor spinning in time with my winding. Clearly something was wrong.

    I took it back to the AD and after explaining and demonstrating the problem (a younger salesman didn't think it was faulty) they diagnosed that a part (they named it but I forgot it) that is supposed to do something as the crown is pulled out, needed replacing. During the service they had deemed it was in good enough nick to keep. Anyway, they took it back, apparently exchanged the part and all is now well.

    To sum up; take it back, what you are describing sounds like a faulty part in the crown mechanism. I'm sure others here will be able to tell you the part's name too.

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