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    replacement band for this?

    l have an old freestyle shark TIDE watch, and I love it just as much as the first day l bought it 12 years ago, the band just broke on it, does anyone know where I could find a replacement band? Or if there is anyway l could put a ZULU band on this? I have a Suunto Core, and a stainless luminox, but I still love this old watch, can anyone help me breathe life back into this old friend? Any suggestions would help... by the way, this is the older model, see picture, they have a new model now, I have looked everywhere for a new band but have not been able to find anything. Hopefully someone on this forum can help me, don't you think it would look good on a Zulu? Thanks!
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    Re: replacement band for this?

    anything would look good on a zulu.

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    Re: replacement band for this?

    I know this will probably sound a little dumb and you've probably already done it anyway, but have you contacted Freestyle to see if they have a replacement strap for that model? If you're in the U.S. they have a website here: Freestyle - Freestyle U.S.A. - The official site of Freestyle and Shark Watches

    I'll leave the Zulu question to the strap experts here -- I mostly wear bracelets on my watches.


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