Replacing watch dials (faces) on exiting collection - feasible or not?

Thread: Replacing watch dials (faces) on exiting collection - feasible or not?

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    Replacing watch dials (faces) on exiting collection - feasible or not?

    This may not be the right place for such a question, so excuse if not, but I have Swiss Legend Endurance Chronograph (#10057-22S) that is part of my regular rotation that I like to wear once or twice a week. It is the solid silver faced version and I would really like to change the face to one with contrasting sub-dials or another color face all together. It's not an expensive watch (just over $100.00 on a daily deal site). I can't find anything on google for watch dials specifically for Swiss Legend or otherwise. Is this feasible or would it be more expensive than it's even worth to acquire such a thing? If there is good source for such things, then I may consider it for other watches in my collection as well, that also have "sister watches" that are identical except the dial colors. I would appreciate any feedback on the subject so I'll know whether it's a realistic pursuit or just forget it and move on. Thanks!

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    Re: Replacing watch dials (faces) on exiting collection - feasible or not?

    I would suggest you just forget it and move on. You need to either be able to change the dials yourself (you need proper tools as well as knowing how to do it) or you need to pay someone to do it (might end up costing the price of the watch). You also need to be able to find dials for that specific watch...unless Swiss Legend sells them I wouldn't know where you can buy them...or if they are even made for that matter.

    Not worth the trouble in my opinion.

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    Re: Replacing watch dials (faces) on exiting collection - feasible or not?

    If cost isn't a problem and you have time enough to spend on chasing down the needed parts and tools it is feasable. I am with baronrojo: Forget it and move on.
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    Re: Replacing watch dials (faces) on exiting collection - feasible or not?

    Probably not worth it. Unless you do it yourself, the labor will likely cost more than $100. Besides, a watchmaker might not even take the job.
    If you are willing to do it yourself, it would only make sense economically if you found somebody selling a broken watch with the same movement so you could scavenge the dial. And you might even have to take your watch apart to find out what make and model of movement is in there, only to not find anybody selling a broken watch. Assuming you scavenge a dial for basically free, after you buy the tools you'll need to change it out the money you'd save over just buying a new watch is not worth nearly as much as the time and effort that you would have spent on the whole ordeal. So if it is just a new dial you want, I say let it go.

    On the other hand......if you don't consider any of this to be "labor" because you enjoy taking stuff apart and putting it back together, and learning how to do it, etc., etc., this could all be a fun hobby project for you. Then any money spent is not just for a dial, but for entertainment and self enrichment. Last summer I probably spent between $400-$500 dollars on parts and tools to put together a watch of my own. The thing works like a charm, but I never wear it out of the house because my professionally made watches are so much better looking. I don't consider it a loss, though, because I enjoyed the experience. If you're up for that kind of thing, I say more power to you!

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