Reputable watchmaker in/near Los Angeles?

Thread: Reputable watchmaker in/near Los Angeles?

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    Reputable watchmaker in/near Los Angeles?

    Hey all,

    I need to get my plexiglass changed to a sapphire crystal (which I already have) on my Steinhart Ocean 1 Vintage Red. However, I live in Diamond Bar, CA (bordering Rowland Heights, Brea, Chino Hills, etc) and was wondering which watchmakers would be reliable enough to replace the glass and perhaps perform a quick check on my watch while he/she is at it... it'd be preferable if the price for performing a relatively easy job like this was lower


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    Re: Reputable watchmaker in/near Los Angeles?

    pm sent

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    Re: Reputable watchmaker in/near Los Angeles?

    teg, would you mind PM'ing me with that info too? Not so much watchmaker but quality watch repair. The Omega store is walking distance from here but I would rather that piece (and others when the time comes) be serviced locally if possible. Thanks.
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