Hi all, I'm hoping someone can offer some insight/advice. I bought a blue Avantgarde from Vratislavia Conceptum, based in Poland. The watch came defective--a chip in the dial, which the owner knew about but shipped to me anyway without any disclosure. I sent him an e-mail about it and he's offered to give me a refund, but not for return shipping (Paypal will refund me anyway). BUT the clerk at the Post office told me that jewelry is on the list of prohibited items for Poland (https://pe.usps.com/text/imm/ps_008.htm) and it may get confiscated. Has anyone successfully sent a watch there? If yes, how did you fill out the declaration form? I've e-mailed the seller about this and he said to send the watch back without declaring--is this allowed? He added, I can write "used watch" and put $16 as the value if I absolutely have to. What are your thoughts? I don't want to risk it and get screwed out of $350. Thanks in advance.