I am appalled at how I manage to scratch my most expensive (though still affordable) watches, but fascinated by how I think about them.

The practical question: I have put a pinhead ding in the bezel of my Revue Thommen 300m chrono. I mean, it's really tiny, maybe like the dot of an "i" in 9-point font, not visible from all angles, but through and through. Completely invisible in most situations.

* If I did want to replace the bezel insert, how complicated would it be and how would I do that? I'd want to buy something really durable, obviously, because bezel scratches really bother me... Where would I find one, and what are the odds a jeweler would damage the bezel itself? This must be a standard size, I doubt it's totally specific to RT.

But the WAY they bother me is so weird. It's a cycle of real heavy disappointment which fades to mm, not that bad, then gets almost to "I don't care" but bounces back to disappointment, but not as bad, etc.

I mean, this is ridiculous-- I have to wear my watches. I have a health condition, I could die in five years, and then I'd feel stupid if I never wore my watches. I'm also a psychotherapist, so I should be beyond all this!

I know all the tricks-- avoid door jambs, don't reach under the seat of the car, and for me, don't wear my nice watches in the house. But my nicest watches pick up dings anyway! My Citizen BL52-whatevers with the brushed bezels are still basically flawless, as is my 009, my NY400, NY2300, Orient Mako, etc.

The Bulova, the RT, they both have taken hits. Even the Hammy auto chrono has a few hairlines, though thank God they are smaller, probably b/c the watch is less heavy, protrudes less, etc.

Thanks! And if you have a good intervention for watch OCD, let me know-- if I can't help myself, maybe I can help my patients!