RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)
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Thread: RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)

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    RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)

    RIP, Sir.

    What kind of watches is he wearing in this pic?

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    Re: RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)

    One of them looks like a Seiko 009, and the other a Rolex of some sort. RIP General

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    Re: RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)

    Possibly a Seiko or Citizen dive watch on the left and maybe a Datejust on the right.

    Either way, for me - this man was the face of Desert storm. At 10 years old, when I sat infront of the TV on the first night of bombing asking myself if this was the end of the world, he was the face that represented leadership, superiority and to a certain extent, assured safety. Even though I was on the other side of the world.

    May he rest in peace.
    Pavo absolutus

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    Re: RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)

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    Two tone datejust?

    Edit: Dang, took too long to post that, you guys beat me to it!
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    Re: RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)

    What a man and a gentleman... What a loss!
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    Re: RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)

    It's too bad WUS wasn't around or he could have asked us what sort of GMT works best for guy who's in overall command of roughly million men in a desert environment. I didn't serve under him (and it would have been way, way under him), but he did seem to be one of the good ones.
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    Re: RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)

    Thank You for your service General, RIP
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    Re: RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)

    Two of my cousins served under his command. He was a brilliant and charismatic leader. May he rip.
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    Re: RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)

    As somebody who (also) likes to sport two watches occasionally, I wanna say: See ya up there General!... and...

    For all a yooz who whine about how wearing two watches is "weird": lick the General's boots and either man UP, or be gone.
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    Re: RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf - (watch pic)

    The watch is vintage SEIKO quartz diver 7548. He wore it in the Gulf War and SEIKO SKX009 did not exist yet then. Later he donated the 7548 to charity auction and it was sold for $11,000.
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