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    Robert Lighton gone?

    I tried to access the Robert Lighton watch site today and got a broken link error message. The furniture site is up, but there is no mention of the watches. For the last year or two the watch site had advertised close-out prices and I had begun to think it was a bit of a ruse. I wasn't in any hurry to order the San Remo, which I thought was a very handsome watch with a good movement. Looks like I may have procrastinated a little too long.

    Anyone know if this is simply a technical problem with the watch site or have they closed up shop?

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    Re: Robert Lighton gone?

    Looks like almost two years ago they were on "close out" sale -- maybe he got out of the watch business:

    Robert Lighton Watch Sale!

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    Re: Robert Lighton gone?

    I got in on the "sale" that seemed to last forever. Very happy with my San Remo.
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