Rolex Datejust Dial Fit Question/Help?

Thread: Rolex Datejust Dial Fit Question/Help?

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    Rolex Datejust Dial Fit Question/Help?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum...lots of knowledgeable folks here. I need a bit of that knowledge :)

    I have a 7XXXX S/N Datejust from 1983, non-Quickset, model 16013. I don't know the movement number.

    My question regards whether a Rolex Dial part number 13/16008-28 will fit the watch. The feet on that dial are at about 330 and 1030.

    A second question, not related to the dial above, is: Would a dial from an "R" S/N non-Quickset Datejust from 1988 fit my watch?

    If you could help, I'd sure appreciate it.



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    Re: Rolex Datejust Dial Fit Question/Help?

    Can't address the dial issue, but the non-quickset feature seems wrong. The 7xxxxxx sequence should be about right for your 1983 dating, but weren't these all quickset by then?

    AFAIK, the 16013 used the 3035 movement from 1977 to 1988. This movement was 27 jewel, with hacking and quickset date. If yours does not have quickset, is it possible that it is an earlier movement, or the quickset is not working? I have one with a 6xxxxxx serial, purchased late 1980. It has a quickset date.
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